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6 travel friendly tech essentials you need for the ultimate tech travel kit 

Whether you go out of town almost every week or only occasionally, your laptop, smartphone and other tech tools are probably some of the first items on your “must bring” list. That’s why it’s so smart to put together a tech travel kit. Your gadgets don’t work as well — and may be completely non-functional — without the proper accessories. Fortunately, you can stock up on travel-friendly tech essentials without blowing your budget.

6 travel friendly tech essentials you need for the ultimate tech travel kit

1. Buy the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer ($9.99)

The deep, wide pockets on many travel bags are great for file folders and magazines but not so handy for small tech accessories, like thumb drives and charging cables. This purposeful product uses a rubberized elastic configuration that lets you adjust the interior areas to hold various items that could otherwise get lost.

It could hold your stylus, Bluetooth earpiece and more, saving you from scrounging around for those essentials after reaching a destination.

2. Invest in the HooToo TripMate Wireless Router ($24.99)

Finding a wireless access point while on the go may not be as easy as you envisioned. However, this travel-ready wireless router does even more than help you get online with one of its three internet access modes.

It also has a built-in-power bank with enough juice to charge most smartphones twice. The gadget connects to a Google Chromecast, too.

3. Purchase an Anker Ultra-Slim 4-Port 3.0 USB Hub ($15.99)

Even though many of the gadgets you use every day have USB connections, your laptop probably has only one port, which is not enough for most people. That’s why it’s a good idea to take matters into your own hands and get an Anker USB hub that offers multiple connections.

This model offers data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, which means you can transfer full-length movies in seconds. Also, this hub only weighs about an ounce, and it works with Windows or Mac operating systems.

4. Treat Your Ears to the Altec Lansing Mini Life Jacket 3 Bluetooth Speaker ($99.99)

This portable Bluetooth speaker may be the most rugged one you ever use. It’s shockproof, waterproof and snowproof, and it even floats in water.

The 100-foot wireless range permits streaming content without having your phone close by, plus this gadget has an integrated phone charger and 16-hour battery life.

5. Equip Yourself to Type Faster With the Logitech Keys To Go Keyboard ($69.99)

For those times when you’re going on a short trip that doesn’t justify bringing your laptop, this portable Bluetooth keyboard lets you avoid fumbling while using your built-in smartphone or tablet keyboard to type.

It weighs 6.35 ounces and works on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The rechargeable battery lasts three months, and the fabric covering on the keyboard wipes clean and adds comfort.

6. Keep Your Screens Sparkling With a Digital Innovations Screen Cleaning Kit ($5.75)

Fingerprints and dust on your screen can become annoying distractions. However, this compact product helps you take care of them in seconds.

It includes a bottle of cleaning fluid small enough to meet TSA liquid requirements for air travel. Plus, there’s a plastic cover that goes over the top and stashes a soft, antimicrobial cloth.

Why Should You Make Your Own Tech Travel Kit?

Think back to the last time you went away from home, and you can likely recall how technology brought more enjoyment to your trip. However, you might simultaneously remember some hassles, such as a Wi-Fi connection in a hostel, hotel or bus that didn’t work as promised, or misplacing your earbuds just before going on an excursion. Having an assortment of tech essentials for traveling allows you to avoid those common problems.

Also, if you like traveling with gadgets, you’re not alone. A 2016 survey conducted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) polled air travel passengers from 145 countries and found 51 percent prefer to bring their own devices when flying instead of fully relying on airline entertainment options.

Regardless of if you travel by plane or another mode of transportation, bringing and using accessories to supplement your gadget usage facilitates taking advantage of some familiar aspects wherever you are. When you take all or most of the tech tools along and keep all of them in one place and ready to go, it won’t be necessary to dash into a shop and try to find replacements for things you forgot. Instead of stressing, you can just relax.

No matter if you buy the things on this list all at once or gradually, you’ll almost certainly notice they enhance your tech usage. You might even wonder how you ever managed to travel without them.