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4 Wedding Photos NOT to Take (and 3 you must try)

The key to making a cool, contemporary wedding photo album is filing it with fresh, unique images that reflect who you are. Don’t just copy tacky and overused ideas you have seen on the internet and stay away from all those 1980s style photos contaminated with awkward posing and unnatural smiles. You want something much more stylish and original that shows you actually have good taste!

Think about your photography checklist. Exclude all those boring, traditional snaps you don’t like and embrace some new, refreshing concepts. Not sure where to start? Make a list of pictures you don’t want to be taken on your big day under any circumstances, because they are boring, old-fashioned or you simply find them appalling.

Outdated Wedding Photos You Don’t Need

Let’s begin with getting-ready snaps! This exciting part of the day is such a great opportunity to make some chic magazine-style photos which are both artistic and photo journalistic. But from bridesmaids in matchy-matchy robes, to all those boring photos of bouquets and shoes, there are many unnecessary images you don’t really want in your album.

One of the worst ones is that extremely unnatural, posed portrait of the bride in her wedding dress. Attempts to create a magazine cover shot usually end up with a bunch of really cheesy and uncool snaps. Of course, you do need a breath-taking image of you in that gown, but this doesn’t mean this photo has to be so staged and artificial. You can definitely add a modern twist to it and incorporate elements that will breathe life into it such as light, movement or a playful backdrop.

The second image you should exclude from your list is that ever-so-popular jumping for joy photo.  Typically used to make relaxed portraits of the bride and groom or members of the bridal party, this is an extremely overused concept. You have probably seen images like this and you might be thinking that the composition seems very effortless and that it could be a modern alternative to a classic portrait.

The reality is that this photo is actually quite hard to make and it is just as posed as any other group portrait. Coordinating the jumps is hard work, especially if it is a hot day and the girls are wearing heels. It can quickly turn into a nightmare and you might end up repeating the silly choreographed movement over and over again until you lose the last spark of energy and enthusiasm. And most importantly, the final result is probably going to be a photo that will make you cringe. A more spontaneous photo is definitely a better idea!

There is also that inevitable image of the bride and groom’s first kiss at the ceremony. It is a must-have in every wedding photo album, but many couples also want to have a second one taken after the ceremony during their location shoot. But if you think that sharing an intimate moment in front of the camera can never be candid enough and that these images usually look awkward, you will probably want to avoid this embarrassment altogether. Especially when you think about all of the younger family members who will see your photo album too and might even be present at the shooting location.

And finally, nobody loves flicking through boring family portraits, so make sure to make this element of your wedding photography fun too. Since cliché posed photos are so outdated, modern photographers are constantly inventing fresh new ways to capture family members. Think cool backdrops and photos taken in action with genuine facial expressions and scrap the old-fashioned serious group portraits.

And once you eliminate all the mages you don’t want, you can start adding new ones to your photography checklist. Need inspiration? Start flicking though wedding albums online and the ideas will start flying into your head. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy browsing photos. Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Coolest New Must-Try Images

One of the latest wedding photography trends is the famed first look shoot. Are you ready to let go of an old superstition and allow the groom to see you before the ceremony? It may well be worth it! You will have a private moment together before you face all your friends and family members. Just let the photographer capture the groom’s honest expression when he sees you in that dress. You won’t even think about posing and the pictures will be very spontaneous and natural. Completely unlike the ones you would take after the ceremony when you feel pressured to look perfect in front of the camera.

Another fresh new trend is capturing the atmosphere, action and real emotions. Tell your photographer to mingle with the guests during the cocktail hour and make some spontaneous snaps along the way. Bridesmaids smiling at the bride, parents congratulating the newly-weds, groomsmen telling funny jokes, children playing – all of these moments can be immortalised in fabulous wedding photos. The best thing about these images is that they are not staged and seem very effortless, but stylish.

And if you have made a lot of effort to pick a gorgeous venue and design it with many visually stunning elements, such as opulent floral decorations, sparkly candles or fairy lights, vintage furniture, hanging ornaments and pretty table runners, then you need some killer venue snaps! Tell your photographer to arrive to your reception venue before everyone else and try to really capture all the grandeur. A striking image of the whole venue is a must, but it will also be nice to have every beautiful detail photographed.

All in all – it is up to you to decide what kind of wedding photography style you would most rather go for. And to find that out, you will need to do some proper browsing! Have fun!

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