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What to put in your kids’ easter basket besides candy

As a mom, I’m always looking for the best toys to give to my kids, especially during special occasions like Easter. And if you’re like me, you want to give your child not just any toy, but a toy that’s fun, educational, and will last for a long time. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about Schleich toys, which I think would be a great addition to your child’s Easter basket.

Who is Schleich

Schleich is a German company that has been making toys for over 85 years. Their figurines are incredibly detailed and realistic, which makes them perfect for sparking your child’s imagination and encouraging their love for nature and animals. They have a wide selection of toys to choose from, so no matter what your child’s interests are, Schleich has something for them.

Schleich® is an imaginative toy company that believes the best stories are full of imagination, free of silly grown-up limitations, and powered by kids’ unbridled curiosity. Their characters come in a million gazillion shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether they have two legs, four legs, or no legs, they have one thing in common – every toy in our collection is authentic, detailed, and high quality.

4 reasons why I think Schleich toys would make great Easter gifts:

1. Schleich toys encourage imaginative play.

Firstly, Schleich toys encourage imaginative play. Your child can create their own stories and scenarios while playing with Schleich toys, which is great for their language and social development. Plus, the toys are so detailed and realistic, your child can learn about animals and nature while having fun.

2. Schleich toys are made to last.

Secondly, Schleich toys are made to last. Unlike cheaper plastic toys that can break or wear out quickly, Schleich toys are built to withstand years of play. This means they can be passed down to younger siblings or even to future generations.

3. Schleich toys are educational

Thirdly, Schleich toys are educational. Your child can learn about the characteristics and behaviors of animals while playing with Schleich toys. They can also be used in educational settings, such as in the classroom or at home for homeschooling. Colton and I had so much fun naming each animal, learning the sounds they make, and where the animals lived. I mean look at the concentration on his face in the photos above. He’s only three and a half but he’s so into it. For the last 3 days, he’s only wanted to play with his Schleich toys.

4. Schleich toys are the perfect size for Easter baskets

Lastly, Schleich toys are the perfect size for Easter baskets. They’re small enough to fit in a basket or Easter egg but large enough to be engaging and fun. And because they’re so detailed and realistic, they can add a touch of beauty and wonder to any Easter basket. Colton’s Wild Animals looks so great featured on the top shelf of his toy dresser.

In conclusion, if you want to give your child a gift that’s not only fun but also educational and long-lasting, consider adding Schleich toys to their Easter basket. Your child will have hours of fun playing with them, and you’ll love seeing them learn and grow in the process.

With a wide range of price points, you’ll be sure to find the perfect toy for whatever basket, bin, or box you are filling this year.

Schleich® has everything, from farm and wild animals to dinosaurs and unicorns. Their toys are great for adventures at home or for storytelling on the go. Visit the Schleich Easter page on the website to shop my basket, and build your own!

*This post is sponsored by schleich®