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TOP 25 cinematic gems in honor of IMDb 25th Birthday

The one and only International Movie Database, aka IMDb is celebrating their 25th birthday this month! I don’t know about y’all but I am literally obsessed with IMDb!  Seriously, what isn’t there to like, in regard to film you can find answers to just about anything you can think of on their fabulous site.  
For me, IMDb is such a lifesaver! It has ended countless debates between me and my two equally cinenerdy sisters.  For example, you know when you recognize an obscure actor on the big/small screen and you’re like that is such and such from that show/movie and your sister is like no, they just look similar or no they weren’t in that film you idiot … they were in that tv show. Maybe we’re just cinenerdtastic weirdos but this debate/banter/argument occurs all the time in my family. (FYI – I made up the word cinenerd to describe those, such as myself and my two sisters, who are passionately obsessed with any and all things film related. The adjective version of cinenerd is cinenerdtastic.)  So when we three hardcore cinenerds war over some bit of film trivia guess who ultimately settles the dispute and determines the genius/winner- IMDb, “duh”!  
Anyway, to celebrate and commemorate their momentous quarter of a century bday they have compiled tons of top 25 lists, I definitely recommend checking them out!  In honor of my favorite website’s big day, I’m making my own Top 25 list (in no particular order) consisting of some of my favorite cinematic gems from the big and small screen:
1.)     Band of Brothers
2.)     Forrest Gump
3.)     Les Mis
4.)     Marie Antoinette 
5.)     Pillars of the Earth
6.)     Little Women
7.)     Harry Potter (all, duh)
8.)     John Adams
9.)     Love Actually
10.)   Harold and Maude
11.)   The Last of the Mohicans
12.)   About Time
13.)   Call the Midwife
14.)   Father of the Bride (both)
15.)   Doctor Who
16.)   Philomena 
17.)   Midnight in Paris
18.)   Cold Mountain
19.)   The Mindy Project
20.)   The Pacific
21.)   Memoirs of a Geisha
22.)   St. Trinian’s
23.)   Pride and Prejudice 
24.)   Inglourious Basterds 
25.)   The Sound of Music