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The Ultimate Dior Gift Guide for Her

Who doesn’t love Dior. These gifts are some of my favorites so if you’re reading this and need to get me something (cough cough) Michael, this is the gift guide for you! Check out the ultimate Dior Gift Guide for Her!

I picked an array of items that I love at all different price points.

Let me know which items are your favorite.

Dior Gift Guide

  1. Large Exterior Pillow
  2. Storage Box
  3. Large Rectangular Pillow
  4. 30montaigne Sunglasses
  5. Dior Oblique Poncho
  6. Dway Heeled Slide
  7. Mini Dior Book Tote
  8. Dio(r)evolution Ring
  9. Danseuse Étoile Choker
  10. Dior Book Tote
  11. Candle Cannage
  12. Limited Edition Advent Calendar