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The Coolest Pool Floats For Summer

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean pool float season is over. I mean, there are a ton of destinations to escape to. I mean, Miami is just a short flight away, right? If you’re dreaming of somewhere more exotic, though, some of our favs in the Caribbean (think Aruba or Curacao) will do the trick as well!

At Verbal Gold Blog, we never stop dreaming of warmer elsewheres, so we’ve rounded up some of the coolest #VGBSquad style pool floats! Think rosé shaped floats and golden flamingoes!

Looking for cool pool floats for your next pool party or beach vacation? We've rounded up the best pool floats out there that make for perfect Instagram shots - think pink floats, rosé shaped pool floats and flamingos!

1.llama 2. beach ball 3. rosé 4. frap 5. rainbow cloud 6. golden swan 7. rose mingo 8. you’re a queen 9. palm

I love a good Instagram worthy pool float! These giant floats that fit 6 people are amazing and will definitely make a statement. Watch to go bold? I recommend snagging one of my favorite jumbo pool floats below.