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The Best Accessories for All Kinds of Occasions

Once you’ve chosen your outfit, the hardest step should be over, but often the most difficult step is accessorizing. What do you choose for a girls’ night out, day trip adventure, date night, formal dinner or networking event?

You worry about being “too much” or saying too little with your statement pieces, and that’s understandable. From girls’ night out to climbing the career ladder, look your most fashionable with the best accessories for all kinds of occasions.

Glitzy for Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ night out gives you the opportunity to be as casual or as formal as you want to look. Start with your go-to accessories, such as a favorite watch, ring or necklace, but also take a second look at your closet and accessories.

Go glitzy for girls’ night out, with sparkly eyeshadow, gleaming rings and shimmering sequined purses to shine bright. One glitzy accessory, in addition to your favorite go-to accessory, will instantly upgrade your look for girls’ night out. Whether you’re practical or go all out for a night out with the girls, a little glitz goes a long way to make you feel special instantly.

Dare to Do You for Day Tripping

Ready for a day trip adventure? Whether you’re going hiking, antiquing or thrifting, your look is casual, and more importantly — yours. Dare to do you for day tripping getaway:

  • Flower Child: Going out in nature or want to release your inner hippie? Don a DIY flower crown to blend in with the fair folk on your nature walk or next music festival adventure. All you need is floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters, real or faux flowers and greenery to make a full or half flower crown. Layer different types of scarves, bangles and bracelets, particularly whimsical ones for occasions that don’t require much physical activity.

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  • Outdoor Explorer: Going hiking, kayaking or braving the wild in other ways? Start with a bandana to match your shirt or to add complementary colors to your wardrobe. Blue and green are lovely complements, or blue and orange will make you stand out. Keep jewelry to a minimum, but a waterproof watch is always handy and stylish on outdoor excursions. Corded necklaces and bracelets are perfect ideas to match your natural surroundings.

For your day tripping adventures, remember to keep your destination in mind to choose your accessories accordingly. Sunglasses are always a win, and when not in use, let them hang onto your search for a casual and stylish look.

Dazzling for Date Night

It’s not a coffee date — your S.O. passed the java test. Tonight, you have a special night ahead, dinner and dancing at a fabulous club. You’ve been taking swing dancing lessons, and you’ve found the red skirt with the best twirl action. With plunging necklines, choose a pendant necklace or longer earrings to match. Let your swing skirt be the star, and select contrasting or matching dancing shoes with a leather sole. You’ll need to be comfortable to swing all night long!

To look dazzling for date night, consider what will take place, and if it’s a surprise, ask if you should dress practically or formally. Accessorize accordingly, and don’t be afraid to go big for your date night, because you’re supposed to feel special.

Glam for Unforgettable Formal Events

Are you going to a formal dance, dinner or fabulous fashion show? You need to look glam for unforgettable formal events, and it’s the perfect excuse to go all out. Still, as you’re told to focus on your eyes or your lips (not both) for makeup, you should choose your accessories the same way.

Classic antique jewelry pieces add extra glam for a formal event, letting one piece steal the show. For a white tie event, when your hair is up, choose long chandelier earrings. For black tie evenings, channel your inner movie star with a glimmering gown and crystal-clear jewelry. For formal events that have a more casual element, such as “Diamonds and Denim,” pick a statement piece, like a brilliant ruby bracelet.

Clean Cut and Charismatic for the Career Professional

One statement piece isn’t out of character for a career professional, but to the degree you should accessorize at work depends on your job role and industry. Fashion editors, graphic designers and retail workers are good examples of roles where extra accessories can make your career, showcasing your personality and style. Attorneys, accountants and office assistants should focus on simple and classic styles.

For those in careers that may accessorize as they please, remember to keep your clothing palette in mind, selecting one bold pin or stiletto platforms as a solitary statement piece, layering necklaces to complete the intricacy of your fashion spectrum. On the simple and classic side, invest in timeless pieces such as a gold watch, pearls or a diamond ring.

Simple doesn’t mean you must be bland or limit your style. Showcase your personality through color or interesting stones, such as ruby or snowflake obsidian. Remember, timeless pieces of fine jewelry give you confidence, like a knight putting on her armor, shimmering against a stylish little black dress.

Shine bright like the diamond you are, pristine, polished, daring and glam, with the best accessories for every occasion. One statement piece is perfect for every event, such as a flower crown, bold heels or chandelier earrings. Your beauty will radiate from the inside out, as you put on your glittering armor for the night or day ahead.