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Harem Pants: STOP Hammer Time!

We all know I love to shop… and I’m sure you do too! Right?

From traveling so much lately I’ve found a ton of cute little boutiques that I’m now obsessed with.  One of which is Akira Chicago.  I. Love. It.

I’ve seen these pants on Khloe Kardashian before and I’ve always wanted to try them.

So guess what I did when I saw them online on ….. I bought them.  And just in time because they just got here today and they are so cute!!!  I’m not so sure about the tie dye ones but they are comfy enough to lay around it.  The black ones are super cute.  I can’t wait to wear them!  Any outfit suggestions and ideas I’m all ears!  You can find these pants here or similar ones HERE!  Rachel Zoe has some super cute ones too!

I got these Harem pants for fun just to slouch around in.  Needless to say I already feel like MC Hammer…. you can’t touch this!  I hope MC Hammer is getting a throw back somewhere…. or royalties on these Hammer Pants. haha 

STOP Hammer Time!
Do you own Harem pants?  How do you like them?  What have you paired them with? 

*I was not paid for this review.  These opinions are purely my own.

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