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Spring Has Sprung Some New Nail Colors You Will Love!

Being from Atlanta I get to do this… 
Yes I’m from the South and I’m about to talk about Spring nail polish and New Girl but first I need to go gangster on you
In Honor of BackThatAzzUp Friday 
I’m going to start you off with a super sweet old school jam to get you through my blog post today!
they call me… U-S-H-E-R-R-A-Y-M-O-N-D  (2:05 favorite part)
I don’t know about y’all but I miss Old Usher like whoa! I am a little bias because he lived down the street from me and I’d occasionally see him at the mall and the gas station back in the day! #bestdayever
Can’t wait for the Voice this season!
Now Walk It Out…
This was my favorite movie of all time!  I got this rap down!
Eminem final battle on 8 Mile
Friday Letters:
Dear Jess, Nick and New Girl
Please hook up and date already.  The suspense is killing me!

Dear Spring,
I can’t wait to try out all your new nail colors!
Spring Nail Colors You Will Love

Ready for this… 
I’m about to BLOW. YOUR. MIND!
Now You Can Name Your Own Nail Polish Colors
You’re Welcome
If you’ve always dreamed of becoming the person who comes up with the pun-y, tongue-in-cheek names for nail polishes, then you’re in luck. Custom nail polish brand Pretty Please, which launched about a year ago, allows you to channel your inner Deborah Lippmann. We caught up with founder Sara Ricklen to get the full scoop.

Ricklen, 33, is a former apparel design student who’s been working in the financial industry. She was inspired to start Pretty Please after trying to buy her mom a gift of personalized nail polish a few years ago and finding that no one in the US offered such a service. So she started her own, and has sold about 10,000 custom bottles so far.

Right now there are 18 colors to choose from, in four different themes (Berry Blast, Color Pop, Pretty Pastels, Merry & Bright). Once you choose a color, you get to name it. (I spent a good 20 minutes naming fake colors on the website. True story. See my favorite, at left.)

It’s a relatively small color selection, but Ricklen told us that’s by design. “I don’t want to be super trendy,” she told us. One reason is that customers are buying these polishes to give out at events like weddings and baby showers, and are more likely to choose classic colors like light pink for these occasions. (A new mini trend? Brides have been asking people to be in their weddings by giving them a customized bottle of polish. Ricklen herself is newly engaged and did this too. Her polish for her bridesmaids is called “Stand By Me.”)

While you can pretty much name your polish whatever you want, there are a few rules. The name has to be 24 characters or less, but Ricklen will work with you if you want something longer or want to stick a logo on it (she did it for Wendy Williams). And no profanity, please; you’ll get a nice email from her asking you for an alternative. Surprisingly not many people have come in requesting dirty nail polish names.

Her fave name of all time? A woman who had three boys and was pregnant with a girl gave out a polish at a shower called “Worth the Wait.” {Ed. Note: Wait. Could this have been Victoria Beckham?}

A single bottle will set you back $10 each, or $7 each if you order six or more of the same label and color. Ricklen is hoping to eventually roll out lip gloss and lipstick, too.

Happy naming!