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My Gender Reveal + Maternity Looks

gender reveal maternity looks

Surprise surprise…IT”S A BOY!

My husband and I couldn’t be more excited! We definitely wanted a boy first but mainly were just praying for a happy healthy baby. As you can see from the photos he is beyond excited and his sweet smile is so genuine and makes me oh so happy!

We headed to Piedmont Park in Atlanta to shoot with the skyline behind us around sunset.  I brought a few smoke bombs and my friend to shoot some images.It took me a while to decide on the type of reveal I wanted and the location but these feel perfect! I’m not one for parties about me so we skipped doing a gender reveal party. I mainly wanted the photos and the surprise on his face captured forever and ever and I think I accomplished that.

We had one little blunder with the smoke bombs but managed to pull it off. A few tips, buy multiple in case you get some duds. They do stain your fingers so it’s best to have help or a towel to wipe your hands on. Do not forget a lighter. You’ll need it to light the smoke bombs. We lit 4 at a time and threw them down. It’s best to check the direction of the wind and bring enough so you can test out if you like the smoke moving in front of you or behind you. I did a poll on Instagram and it was 50/50 so we tried it both ways. It’s best to set them up straight. They will produce way more smoke that way! My last tip for using smoke bombs is, work fast. They get hot and can spark so keep them away from your face. As far as shooting goes, shoot on continuous and keep moving so you have a lot of different shots to choose from as well as different amounts of smoke.

I edited the photos the same night and have already printed all my favorites out, yes like real photos, using one of my favorite apps called Free Print. You get 50 free prints a month and you just have to pay like $2.99 for shipping so it’s super affordable and easy. They mail them to you. I also made a photo book with their app for $5 and got a few magnets for the fridge for the fam. Love it!

Next up is making a registry but I have no idea how or what to even register for. This is our first kid so everything is super new to us. Feel free to spam me with all your recommendations and favorite baby products and brands!

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it's a boy gender reveal photoshoot