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Kardashian + Jenner sisters app reviews

Not sure if y’all have heard but the K Klan launched their own apps today at the Apple Store in Soho. Yes, that means an individual app for Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie.  Although Kourtney was there I cannot find her app which leads me to believe she didn’t create one in typical Kourtney fashion.




1. Kylie is chart topping the apple iTunes store (as expected) at the number 1 spot.  Khloe is a little behind at number 16.  Kim K West lands at number 52 (sorry Kim you can’t buy app downloads like you can buy instagram followers #buuurrrnnnn #sorrynotsorry).  Lastly Kendall Jenner ends up at the 71 spot.


2. It’s pricey (again and again and again) #SuperStalkerSubscription


3. Every sister has their own brand / visual voice


4. You can use the same login if you download more than one sisters app but guess what?  You still have to pay for each app separately.  


5. Kylie’s of course is a little more interactive with a little more value I feel but that’s not to say they both won’t be live streaming and adding more content later (as promised).


6.  Now that the apps have launched the snap chats have stopped.  Like your mom always said, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.”  Meaning no one will buy the app if she’s snapchating all of her new content fo’free.  Probably why they added their own “live” streaming feature on their apps.  By snapchat. 


OK, yes I downloaded both Kylie and Khloe’s apps and after my little rant here you’ll know why I stopped there.  Sorry Kendall you were next though.  I’m not a fan of any one else.  Not hating here because they are about to make a boat load of money and be even more loaded if even 1% of their fan base downloads their apps…and actually decide to keep it.  But here is my problem…


The app is free for 7 days and then $2.99/MONTH (A MONTH… AS IN REOCCURING CHARGE).


That’s like paying to watch KUWTK.  Is anyone else freaking out about this like I am?  Does anyone even care?  I mean, Kylie, you’re “in” right now and yes the lips changed your life but ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? $2.99 A MONTH!  For what you ask?  Shit that we already see on snap, instagram, KUWTK (which is ending I hear – finally), and their free websites.  I’m all about making money and girl power and supporting women entrepreneurs but damn.  I actually like Khloe and Kylie is entertaining so I don’t mind paying for the app ONE time, just not every month.  It seems a bit excessive.  


Like you really better be teaching me some new “dope” shit I don’t already know!  And the bra trick to make your boobs bigger isn’t going to cut it Kylie.  My mind is seriously blown that $2.99 covers bjs and boobs and style shots we’ve already seen.  




According to Khloe’s most recent live stream with her “squad”, it’s mainly of her striking selfie poses in her video, as in posing at the camera (which she probably learned from Kylie’s snaps) and shaking her ass because “they deserve this, they paid $2.99 for this!” 



All things Kylie.  


Kylie’s Kategories include:

*LYFE (with videos – which load super slow)

*LIVE STREAM (basically snapchat in the app – which freezes and blacks out)

*LOOKS – Cop my style / looks for less / glam (where they do show makeup tips and style tricks but nothing you can’t get from YouTube… for fo’free)



*a few screen grabs for ya*



*RADIO – her super ‘dope’ playlist which are mainly the songs you hear on her snapchat




All things Khloe.


Khloe gives you a nice intro message about blow jobs, you get a little workout inspiration, and my personal fave, how she organizes her cookie jars.  Yes #OreoOrganization



Khloe’s Kategories: 


*KHLO XO – random shit like must-haves of the moment and #OreoOrganization which she likes to call KHLO – C -D 












*GLAM – style and makeup looks 

*FIT – workout tips and tricks from Gunner Fitness himself and some videos of Khloe working out (as seen on instagram)

*VIDEO – repeat content of videos in the other categories 

*LIVE STREAM – basically if your notifications are on you can watch her live feed.  If the app is already open though you have to restart it for the live feed to play. Already annoyed. 


Welp.  That’s it.  That’s all I got.  I’m sure Kim and Kendall’s apps are pretty similar but I’m not going to pay to find out.  Kendall’s looks like it features some model and travel categories and Kim’s includes a Q+A category.



They all function the same as they were made by the same company.  I’m still in shock over the price but if people want to buy it by all means.  According to iTunes over 400 people already have commented so I can only imagine the number of purchases.  I’d use up the memory space on my phone for their apps just not for $2.99/month.


What do y’all think?


xo Ady