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Just when you thought you had enough dating apps… Welcome to Hinge

In my opinion this one is a little more legit than Tinder… well what isn’t.  But you only get 8 so you better make it good and then when you do “match” you get a personalized intro from Hinge.  I think I’m a fan!

Bask in this glorious moment– you’ve just decided to make your love life way more legit. Our philosophy is that friends are your greatest asset when it comes to dating. We created Hinge to help you meet more dates through your friends, more easily than ever before.
Here’s how it works:

  • Every day at high noon, you’ll receive a batch of potentials.
  • Favorite the ones you’re interested in, pass on the ones you’re not.
  • When you favorite someone, you’ll secretly appear in their batch shortly after.
  • If you both favorite each other, we’ll introduce you via email!

You’ll have a social connection to all of your matches, so you can always get the inside scoop from someone you know. Or maybe just ask them to mention how awesome and charming you are, and see what happens. Totally up to you.
A few tips for getting the most out of Hinge:

  • Do it every day. You’ll receive a new batch of potentials daily, so don’t miss out on a match.
  • Be yourself. The pictures that appear on your Hinge profile are your profile photos from Facebook. Make sure there are plenty that are just of you! We think people would definitely rather date you than your sister’s entire bridal party.
  • Spread the love. The more friends you invite to Hinge, the more potentials you’ll have access to. More potentials lead to more matches.

Now get back to Hinge, and let those sparks fly!

via Hinge

Let me know what y’all think of this one! I know it’s only available in certain cities so good luck!

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