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If your money is in a bank, you’re losing money! 💸

If your money is in a bank, you’re losing money! 💸

You’re actually losing 2% a year in value due to inflation.

You have to buy assets! Wealth is created by investing not by earning.

✨What types of investments should I be using?✨

⚡️Stocks- a stock that represents ownership in a company. Good for aggressive investors in retirement accounts.

⚡️Bonds- a bond represents a loan to a company that usually has a fixed return over a period of time. Good for conservative investors, some bonds feature tax advantages over others.

⚡️ETF- a basket of stocks and or bonds that hold the same allocation over time. Good for diversification, investors can set risk tolerance. Usually can be tax advantageous.

⚡️Mutual funds- a basket of stocks and/or bonds that are actively traded to an overall strategy in the market. Active trading allows investors to stay on track. Usually have higher fees and can cause tax burdens

If you want to keep your money in your bank I highly recommend doing either:

⚡️Money Market Fund- There’s currently a money market fund paying 5%! These rates are near all-time highs for money markets and won’t be around forever. The best part is, this opportunity provides daily liquidity so there’s no long-term commitment to getting this rate.

I just dropped $70K in one and I wouldn’t recommend anything to you that I’m not doing myself.

⚡️HYSA – a high-yield savings account

At the end of the day, different types of investments fit different investors’ criteria. Learning what’s the right fit for you and at what time can bring long-term success.

I encourage you to go do your research, seek out better cash alternatives, and grow your money. In this market environment cash is a good thing, take advantage of what is available to you. While it lasts.

My wealth manager is my hubs and also where I go to learn about investing! DM him if you want a free consultation @michael.meschke