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I Love My Job + Career Coach / New Resume Deal

I think all bloggers wonder… but what do they reallllllyyyyy do?  I mean I can’t speak for blog world but I know I do.  




Especially because there are some bloggers that blog full time.  But that’s not me.  I LOVE my job!  





It allows me the creative freedom I need but also a competitive sales environment which is where I thrive.  I.  LOVE.  SALES.  Is that bad?  NO.  I think it just comes natural to me.  I don’t feel salesey in a sense it’s just something I’m passionate about and truly believe in.  I mean if you asked me to sell paint thinner it might be another story because advertising and marketing is where my heart lies. 


I work for a global advertising company called Opera Mediaworks.  We create all of the mobile ads you see on your smartphones and tablets.  You’re.  Welcome.  I know you love me.  I knew since high school I wanted to be in marketing and advertising.  It’s my thing.


I started in print advertising (traditional) but then moved into digital and now fully mobile.  And I love it.  Being able to work off your mobile phone is a plus.  I mean who doesn’t love mobile and their smartphone? haha


My job has allowed me to travel all over the country and I feel so blessed everyday to be able to get to do what I do.  


Anyone going into college or just graduating I would DEFINITELY recommend this field.  Message me or drop me a line in the comment section and I’m happy to answer any questions you might have or where to start.  You can go agency side or you can go advertising side.  Key: agency side you get wined a dined (kind of like how the old pharma sales job used to be) BUT advertising side you get to wine and dine! So boom.  Even better.  I’m living the Mad Men dream and I couldn’t be happier.  


But to have a job you have to have a killer resume first!!! And lucky for you guys I know a great company called Resumes That Get Jobs!  And guess what… It’s almost half off $399 just $175 for a resume PLUS one-on-one coaching, linked in profile, and interview prep with code VerbalGold!  The owner Susan will even help you with thank you notes!  It’s a one stop shop for all things job worthy.  It’s where I went to get my resume done 4 times and I nailed the interview each time and even got an online resume built.  Bonus, it’s also tax deductible!  


So if this is you…








Then you need to get off the couch or out of that bad job, update your resume, and get back out there!




Resumes That Get Jobs Inc // 404-697-4184 // email 





Everyone’s dream job is different but now you know a little more about me!  Motivational quote as inspiration below.

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xoxo Ady