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Fun Week in Sydney

Now that you finally saved up enough money for a Sydney trip or accumulated a few vacation days, new questions arise. What to do, where to go and what to see in Sydney to have a fun and fulfilling week? Here are your answers!

Explore the city

The best thing you can do once you arrive in Sydney (besides taking a hard-earned nap to battle jetlag) is to put on some comfy shoes and go on a walking tour. Start at the Circular Quay, explore the Rocks District, enjoy Royal Botanic Gardens and finish your stroll in Darling Harbor. There are numerous museums, restaurants, cafes and shops along the way, so feel free to take a short break when you get tired. It’s a vacation after all!

Cruise the harbor

No matter how much time you’re planning to spend in Sydney, you simply must take a cruise on the Harbor. Sydney Harbor always finds its place at the top of lists of the most beautiful harbors in the world, so it’s definitely worth your time. You can choose from various different types of cruises such as sightseeing cruise, dinner cruise, party cruise and others or just opt for a simple ferry ride from Circular Quay to many destinations around Sydney. You’ll get the best views of the Opera House, Sydney Harbor Bridge and the entire city!

View Sydney from above

Sure, Sydney looks fascinating on foot and breathtaking from the water, but don’t forget to meet it from above! Soak up all the best views from the summit of Sydney Tower Eye that will allow you to see across the city and all the way to the Pacific Ocean and the Blue Mountains! It’s a fun and tame activity perfect for both kids and adults. Those that are not afraid of little heights can take the Sydney Skywalk from a glass-floored platform at the very top of the Tower. Brave ones can also book a Sydney Harbor Bridge climb that will definitely test their love for adrenaline. Once you climb all the way, you’ll be hit with wonderful views and photo opportunities as well as the amazing sense of accomplishment.

Enjoy local cuisine

One of the best ways to get familiar with any place is to fill up on its local cuisine, no matter if you’re a foodie or not. Since Sydney is so diverse, prepare to be treated with one of the most exotic mixtures of tastes, ingredients and cooking techniques which are bound to leave all of your senses wowed! There are amazing Vietnamese, Greek, Spanish and Turkish restaurants and street food stalls, but don’t miss a chance to try something local. For instance, check out the Botanica Vaucluse that offers the best local and natural Australian products many of which come straight from their garden. Their dishes paint a beautiful picture of Aussie seasons, lifestyle and tastes. Plus, their tasty creations will also be the perfect addition to your Instagram page!

Meet the animals

Australian animals are super cute and unlike anything you can see anywhere else in the world! From friendly kangaroos and sleepy koalas to exotic platypi, get ready to have your mind blown and your heart melted. So, don’t hesitate to go somewhere where you can see and meet them up close.

Luckily, Taronga Zoo is located just across the harbor and it serves as a home to thousands of native Australian animals and exotic critters. Depending on the time of your visit, you can expect to see different exhibits, shows and zookeeper talks! You can also visit the Sydney Aquarium and get familiar with Australian underwater world. If you’re traveling with kids, expect a lot of delighted smiles at these two destinations—they love this part the most!

Relax at the beach

Don’t dare leave Sydney without relaxing at one of its many beaches! They are the place to be, especially if you visit during summer (anywhere from November to March is a good time to hit the beach). Take a surfing lesson at famous Bondi, enjoy a light Bondi-Bronte one-hour walk or chill with a cocktail at peaceful Balmoral. It’s a perfect end to your Sydney adventure!


Even though one week isn’t nearly enough to see and experience everything this 5-million-people city has to offer, it will be enough to get you hooked on its unique vibe that will definitely make you come back to Sydney!


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