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Festive Things to Do in December

Want to get into the Christmas spirit? If you love doing new things, here are a few fun festive activities to try in December! #Christmas

December is the most wonderful time of the year, but it only lasts a few weeks, so you gotta make the most out of it!

The festive season means every city is buzzing with fun events, great shopping, and fun concerts, but fitting them all into just a few weeks is not always possible.

To help you make the most of the festive season, here are a few things to try this December to help spice up the season:


Visit a local Christmas festival

Whether it’s a parade of lights, a festival of trees, or the welcoming of Santa to your town, attend a local festival in your city to spice up your holiday. 

Some cities host a silent auction event where local business owners decorate and donate a tree for a good cause. People can come and drink hot cider while they bid for their favorite Christmas tree. Attending a fun gathering in your area is definitely a good way to spend a weekend or two!


Watch a Christmas movie at home

Nothing says Christmas like a good Christmas movie with hot chocolate. There is always some amazing classics to watch like the Little Women and The Snowman, to name a few. Plus, this option doesn’t include being out in the cold and it’s also easy on the wallet.

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Build a snowman

You wouldn’t know how fun this can be unless you try it. If you’re lucky enough to get snow during the Christmas period, take a trip outdoors with your family or friends to make a snowman together. 

Wrap yourself up with and get building! Take a carrot along for a nose and an extra scarf to keep your snowman warm. Try it, I bet you’ll enjoy the experience even as an adult!


Enjoy your favorite Christmas tunes

It’s not really socially acceptable (for reasons we don’t understand) to play Christmas tunes on repeat and signing to them to the top of our lungs except during the festive seasons, so make the most of them while you can! 

Whether you’re a lover of classic crooners, religious tunes, or modern songs, raise up the volume and scream them out like it’s nobody’s business.


Send cards to family and friends

Everyone loves holiday greetings, so spread the love! Don’t always buy cards from the store, people always appreciate a handmade card more than the one you got from a store and DIY them is always a great way to spend the day, especially if you have kids. Get creative and make them cards from construction paper. It’s way cheaper and more appreciated. Plus, it’s SO. MUCH. FUN!


Give back to the community

Since the festive season is all about showing love to one another, giving back to the community should be on top of your to-do list in December. Volunteer for community service at that local hospital or school, or buy some gifts for friends and family members that cannot afford it.

Show your kids that Christmas is not all about getting gifts and baking pancakes. It’s really about spreading cheer and love. Helping the less fortunate is actually the best way to spread the holiday spirit.


Cook and eat everything on your way

What is Christmas without a well prepared and garnished home-cooked meal? Ditch the diet and eat those goodies your grandma sent you.

Cooking, sharing, and eating food is one of the best highlights of the festive seasons. Make sure you try new meals and bake different pastries every year – trying new recipes is always a ton of fun and  Christmas-y activity in itself.

For a good cooking experience, make sure you meal-plan and write a shopping list so you don’t forget an important ingredient when shopping.


Spend time with your loved ones

Spend time with family and friends and get engaged in all the festive activities they plan. Help your dad put the lights up, go sledding with your relatives, or just chat with your mom and have good laughs. 

 Spending fun time with family and friends is really what makes the festive season so magical and you’ll make unforgettable memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!


Visit family and friends

Maybe because of school or work you have not had time to go back to your home town and visit your grandparents, so this holiday season, make it a mission to drive out of time to spend some quality time with those who don’t live nearby. 


Hit the slopes

The snowboarding and skiing lovers may do it all year long, but hitting the slopes during the festive season is always so much fun!

Even if you’re a total beginner, sucking at winter activities can also be super fun – yeah, you might stumble a couple of times, laugh it off and get on with it, you’ll get better with time, so no worries!


Take fun photos

Get dressed in ridiculous Christmas costumes and take photos with family and friends. Make funny faces and postures to make it more fun. Next year you can look at them and have a laugh. You can go as far as enlarging your favorite ones and use them to decorate your room wall or saving them to put together a holiday album to gift everyone next Christmas.


Play games

Pull out whatever games you have, whether they’re card games, board games, or TV games and invite your friends or family over to play.

Monopoly board game is a good game for families and one that lots of people can play at the same time. It can also go for a long time which is great when you’re looking for a way to pass time. Card games are another popular game to try. You can play a variety type of games and entertain yourself for a while.


Final thoughts

There are countless fun things to do during the festive period, but these are some of our favs. Whatever you decided to put on your Christmas bucket list, make sure to always do it with a glass of mulled wine in hand (except for maybe snowboarding!).


What are some other fun festive things to do in December?