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DIY: Puffy Paint + Glitter Pumpkins for a Kid Friendly Centerpiece

puffy paint glitter mini pumpkins


If you live in Georgia or probably anywhere in the south, you’re probably sick of the rainy weather and struggling to find ways to entertain your kids. I have a fun craft for your kids and it’s simple enough for them to do on their own plus you’ll have a festive Thanksgiving centerpiece or fall decorations afterwards.  
mini pumpkins
Photo Cred: Nature Mom’s Blog



Grab some mini pumpkins and puffy paint (I love a chance to play with puffy paint, so I jumped in on this craft)! This also lets kids be creative and come up with their own patterns and designs. And a chance for adults to be kids again. We kept it simple with supplies but feel free to go crazy.

No kids? No problem. Grab some glitter and make your own fall, glitter pumpkins. As always, HGTV takes it up level!

glitter diy mini pumpkins



Photo Cred: Roaming Rosie

  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Puffy Paint
  • Glitter
  • Newspaper or paper towels
  • Lay down newspaper or paper towels to protect the surface.
  • Grab a pumpkin.
  • Pick your paint.
  • Get creative and have fun.


puffy paint diy mini pumpkins


puffy paint diy mini pumpkins