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Congratulations Miss America


I maybe a little bias since I’m from Georgia but I’m so happy for Miss America!  Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, is the new Miss America!!!  Also happy Miss Alabama was in the top 5 (Roll Tide)!



During the announcement the only thing going through my mind was the Miss Congeniality movie with Sandra Bullock.  Is that bad?  




I was not a fan of a few of the final gowns.  Especially the two piece Miss Georgia was wearing.  




However, the red gown with the long tail Miss Colorado was wearing was gorgeous! Definitely understated in the front and party in the back!  Did I just describe a Miss America ball gown like a mullet hair cut?  Sigh.  Probably why I’m not a fashion blogger…


Her winning shock face had me like whoa where I may or may not have actually laughed out loud in real life.  Sorry (not sorry).  





Is it just me or was the elbow elbow wrist wrist song going through your heads too while Miss Georgia now Miss America was doing her victory walk and waving aggressively to the crowd?  




Anyways, I only caught the last 2 minutes but thought it warranted a blog update in case y’all missed it and want to have something to talk about tomorrow at work. You’re welcome.





Did anyone else watch the Miss America pageant?  What do y’all think? 


xo Ady