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Sunset Ko Olina Oahu - CommuniKait - Kait Hanson

3 Favorite Things To Do On Oahu


Aloha! Today I’m so excited to be here sharing my top 3 favorite things to do on Oahu. Before we start, let’s cover the basics. Oahu is the third largest in the chain of Hawaiian Islands and is home to the state’s capital city of Honolulu. It’s also home to Pearl…

UGA arch

The Ultimate Weekend Guide to Athens, GA


Ahhh southern college towns, there really is nothing like them! Even in the summer or middle of winter, there is always a pulsing energy and eclectic mix of things for old and young alike. I’ve spent the last 3 years living in Atlanta and have always heard great things about…

24 hours in Monaco Monte Carlo travel blogger

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Monaco aka The Rock


You don’t need really anything to inspire you to visit Monaco.  Just say the word Monaco and peoples eyes light up. It is the epitome of luxury travel. One of the nicest places in the world. Did you know Monaco was a country and that it’s not actually a part…

Trevi Fountain Rome Italy Travel Blogger

The Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in Rome


Recently I fell in love with Italy, and Rome has quickly become one of my favourite cities in the world! There is so much history in Rome! There is so much to see and do, but there is never enough time to do it all. This guide gives you pointers on how best…

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Plan a Weekend in Berlin Like a Pro


When I travel, I like to wonder the streets of a new place and just take it all in. For me it is really enough to just be in a new place looking at new things. When I went to Berlin with my boyfriend and our friend Josh, we didn’t…