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Can the Doctor gain Access for Tummy Tuck through C-section scar?

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Many mothers are interested in losing the baby weight as quickly as possible, but sometimes working out and watching what you eat isn’t enough. Particularly for mothers who have given birth to two or more children, there may be a difficulty losing weight and getting the body to “snap back” after pregnancy. We often get this question in our practice, “Can the doctor gain access for a tummy tuck through a C-section scar?” If you have had a C-section, you may be wondering if you could avoid a second scar by using your existing scar.

Tummy Tuck and the C-Section Scar

Yes, we can use the C-section scar on your belly as an opening to perform the tummy tuck. The C-section scar will also become the site of the tummy tuck scar, which means that you will not have a second scar from the procedure. This is not always the case, but in most cases it is possible to use the C-section scar. In fact, Dr. Rucker will typically go below the C-section scar to remove it and leave a new incision that is lower on the body and will look great with swimsuits.

The C-Section Pouch

If you search the Internet, you will find mention of the “C-Section Pouch” or the “C-Section Tummy.” This is because when women have to have a C-section, a scar forms below the stomach and ends up creating a wall above it of loose skin. This skin puddles together to form a pouch. Unfortunately, no amount of weight loss will allow this area to heal and return to normal. The only way to take care of this dreaded C-section pouch is to have reconstructive surgery, which can include a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck will remove the fat in the area and tighten the skin by removing any loose skin. This will give you the flat, smooth stomach you had before.

What is a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck procedure, or abdominoplasty as it is referred to by plastic surgeons, is a plastic surgery procedure that works to contour the stomach area. The plastic surgeon will create small incisions around the lower part of the stomach and then will work to eliminate excess skin and excess fat in the stomach. At the end, the surgeon will pull the skin together tightly ensuring that the skin will be flat once again. Some women will opt to have a “mommy makeover” where they will combine the tummy tuck procedure with another common procedure such as a breast lift, breast augmentation or another fat-removal procedure around the butt, thighs or arms.

What about stretch marks?

Stretch marks are common among women who have given birth and appear as red or purple lines on the body. They are commonly found on the stomach, breasts, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and hips. These marks are difficult to get rid of and can take over a decade to fully fade. However, stretch marks on the stomach can be treated during a tummy tuck. Many of these stretch marks can be cut out during the procedure. This can improve the appearance of the stomach and is another added benefit of a tummy tuck procedure.

When is the best time to get a tummy tuck through your C-section scar?

A tummy tuck procedure of any kind should only be performed after the patient is finished having children. Becoming pregnant after a tummy tuck procedure will undo the work and the tummy tuck procedure will need to be repeated. Women who are interested in a tummy tuck also need to wait at least 6 months after giving birth to schedule the operation. Too soon to the delivery date is not enough time for a woman’s body to recover from birth. Women should also be finished nursing because this can affect body composition as well. It is also important that the patient is in good health and does not have any medical conditions that would make surgery risky.

The Importance of a Consultation

Although tummy tucks are generally considered to be simple procedures, a consultation is always best and is particularly needed in this case. The plastic surgeon that will be performing your surgery will want to meet with you to examine your C-section scar and learn more about your C-section as well as your general health. Consultations can also help manage your expectations as the surgeon will give you an idea of what you can expect with your surgery. Each person will have unique results and a consultation can help you see what those results might look like after the procedure.

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*This post is sponsored by Dr. Joseph Rucker