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Best Travel Hacks as Shared by Flight Attendants


Consider how much of their life a flight attendant spends traveling. This could be in the air (which averages around 80 hours), or in another country while waiting for their next flight. Out of most people in the world, you can be sure a flight attendant is going to know how to travel effectively.

With this in mind, we’re going to share with you some of our favorite travel hacks and tips, as described by flight attendants, allowing you to become the savvy traveler you want to be.

Sit at the Back

There’s a common theme around flight attendants who will avoid serving people at the front where possible, especially when on longer flights. This is because when they order something, this item needs to be taken down through the plane where everyone can see it, and it can make other people want it as well.

This can even cause problems when lots of people want the same thing, and the flight runs out which can cause unhappy passengers. Instead, people at the back tend to get priority service.

Look After Your Hearing

Try to avoid flying if you have a severe cold. Due to the change in air pressure, this can actually damage your hearing via your eardrums, and it can take weeks to get better. It can also hurt; a lot.

How to Avoid Sitting Next to a Baby

There’s nothing worse than being on a flight with a screaming baby; unless you’re sat next to the baby. Due to safety regulations, the babies on flights will be positioned next to the partitions on the plane, known as bulkheads. Avoid getting seats near here if you’re planning to sleep.

Optimize Your Sleeping Pattern

While jet lag is inevitable, especially if you’re on a long-haul flight, you can reduce the effects of it with ease. For example, you can reduce your use of electronics, especially before going to bed since the blue light can keep you awake.

“Have a cup of tea; nothing with caffeine, and maybe read a book. If you have a bedtime routine, continue to carry this out as the best way trick your body into knowing its bedtime,” says Thomas Hardy, a travel copywriter for Writinity.

Easy Luggage

“The rule ‘less is more’ has never been more appropriate than when it comes to luggage. When traveling, only take what you need and slim down the basics. This can massively reduce the amount of luggage you’re taking with you which is not only less expensive, but also makes your holiday much more enjoyable,” explains Sam Howard, an independent writer for ResearchPapersUK.

Always Get the Free Breakfast

Depending on the flight you’re on, how long it is and what times it’s flying, you may be entitled to a free breakfast. You should be notified of this when you get on the plane, and when you book your tickets.

If you’re looking to save money on your flight, always get the breakfast to save money and quench your appetite.

Get Cheap Upgrades

“Just before you get onto your flight, you may hear a call-out for upgrades on any available seats that haven’t been filled. Even if you don’t hear the call-out, if you want an upgrade, be sure to ask at the boarding desk, and they’ll be able to let you know whether you can upgrade on the cheap,” shares Nick Jefferies, a travel writer for Last Minute Writing and a freelance writer for Draft Beyond.

Never Put Anything in a Seat Pocket

While using a seat pocket can be a great idea when it comes to storing items, being on a plane can make you tired and forgetful, and there’s no way you’re going to want to leave your phone, iPad or laptop on the flight before getting off and leaving it behind. Avoid them at all costs.



What frequent flyer tips do you have to make traveling easier? Let us know below!