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Alphabet Dating


Alphabet Dating is So. Much. Fun. 
Alphabet Dating is when you go on a date centered around one letter of the alphabet. You can go in order or you can randomly cross off letters of the alphabet.
Remember you can do this with anyone!!! Girls night out, friends, family, couples, double dates, double dates between couples, solo, I mean have fun with it!! You can really spice up any night out. You can focus on activities or food dates… make it your own!
I mean as Lauren says over at Life Love Lauren, ” We have all been there before…one person says “what do you want to do tonight?” and the other says “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” This continues until someone either breaks down and makes a decision, or things fall apart and you spend the rest of the evening at home clearing out your DVR.” 
Some couples get into a routine and just do what’s comfortable… the same thing over and over again. This idea makes things new, fun, and exciting every time! It’s impossible to do the same thing. Which I love. Even if you have to get out of your comfort zone a little.
Deciding what to do has got to be the most exciting thing about the date! Make it a game, like who has the best alphabet date and who can get the most of that letter in their date (me obviously) haha. 
I’m so happy to be featured on a new site called Date Night Is!  They even offer date night reminders! 
Alphabet Dating can incorporate restaurant names or actual ideas and actions. It’s up to you!
So who are you Alphabet Dating with and what’s your date night letter and activity? Let us know!
Here are some of my ideas:
Airport // A Movie // Apple Picking 
Bowling // Bar Hoping // Bath // Botanical Gardens // Bingo 
Cooking // Candy // Comedy Show // Church // Cooking Class // Christmas Lights
Dancing // Dinner // Dine In // Drive In Movie 
Eating ice cream // Eatery Tour // East Andrews bar, Ebony and Ivory BBQ, Ethiopian food, Gym date on Ellipticals, Edible Arrangements, Entertaining with ESPN, Eight of anything, or Europe (haha I wish)
Footall Watchin// Football, Fruit, Fried Chicken, and Finger Foods
Games // Go Karts // Mini Golf // Gym // Garden
Ho Down // Honkey Tonk // Happy Hour // Hotel Night 
Ice Skating 
Japanese Steak House 
Kite Flying // Kickboxing // Kickball // Karaoke
Lotto Night // Love Theme // Look at Christmas Lights
Movie Night // Medieval Times // Miami 
Nacho Dinner // Ninja Movies 
Outdoor Activities // Orange Date
Park // Playtime // Pool // Plant 
Quiet Night In 
Rest // Relaxing Spa Day // Swedish Massage 
Staycation // Spa Day // Shopping 
Time Related // Taco // Team Time 
Unique Date Night 
Valentines Day // Victory Theme 
Water Sports 
Xhibition // Xplore Your City 
Yellow Date // Yard Sales // All About YOU // Yacht 


I’d love for you to join me and follow along! Would love to hear about your Alphabet Dates!  Snatch my pics below and tag us on Pinterest // Twitter // Facebook // or Instagram @VerbalGoldBlog!

I use the iPhone app ABM (A Beautiful Mess) to add my letter in font Cody Star
I use the iPhone app Over to add my name in font Windsong
*You don’t have to add your names but the space to the right can be used to add your favorite date night photo
I used the Photoblend app and Pixlr on my computer to add our photo over the blackboard image.  
*Here are two examples of potential finished images (remember to change your letter + tag us!)
Have so much fun!
xo Ady