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How to Achieve a California Girl Look with Little Effort

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In the summer, everything’s possible – and what wouldn’t we give for a touch of warmth on our skin, a few long days ahead of us and just a little bit of summer enthusiasm to push us through even the worst of days. Now that the cold has got us all wrapped in thick clothes and even thicker blues, we’ve decided to invite summer back into our homes by reminiscing its gorgeousness – and what better way to do that than by talking about the effortless summer chic California ladies are known for!

Here, a tribute to a few California girl looks everyone loves to love

Floral vibes

California beach babes are chill, loose and – free! They know their prints and they love to mix and match. A California girl will turn even the dullest or super worn-out prints and appliques into a trending vibe with just a little bit of effort and creativity.

Mixing more than two types of florals has never been a drama for California babes: they tend to go overboard, but that’s their power. And the way they do it? It’s rarely branded “girly”… more like “plain cool”! When they need an edge for that extra oomph, they’ll put on a pair of combat boots and/or black accessories.

Nasty chic

Nasty chic is every #girlboss’ vibe and we love how the style plays out along with the sandy beaches of California.  Wearing edgy, empowering and confidence-inspiring clothing, California babes sure are sending a message with their style! Velvet, satin, sequin, polka dot, vintage, leather… you name it – a nasty chic girl will rock it! There’s rarely anything as beautiful as a feminine California chica dressed up in a powerful piece of clothing with her California confidence shining through.

Topknot and wavy hair as religion

If you’ve ever spotted a California girl, you know they are all about thick, effortlessly chic waves and messy buns. However, no matter how stunning the waves may look, they tend to be hard to pull off (each time). So, try California’s second favorite: the topknot. It reads effortlessly cool, it looks good with virtually all outfits and it is pretty easy to style!

Denim on denim

While there still lingers a hint of Britney and Justin in the air each time someone says denim-on-denim, we’re actually starting to link this fashion vibe to California girls. Take your hot bod’ for a walk in a denim on denim look: pair up your chambray shirt and a pair of ripped jean-shorts. Wear a bikini under so you can unbutton the shirt anytime. And, for the added California vibe, hop on your mini cruiser and feel the breeze in your hair – true California style.

Bikini Wonderland

Why waste money buying a new bikini every year when you can pull a California gal on your next beach outing: mix up the existing bikini pieces from your closet by mixing a print with a solid – you’ll look amazing! For an added chic beach moment, throw an oversized boyfriend shirt over your bikini enable and be a true California beach goddess!

Stay free

While the Kardashian sisters do have it all figured out when it comes to bodycon and tight, everyone in CA seems to be adopting a more loose, free vibe. This homeless trend got everyone charmed so you’ll see most of the 5-star celebrities rock loose, ripped hoodies, shorts and ripped pants – and, for some reason, it’ll all look incredibly chic! In California, the trend is rocked by the likes of 20- and 30-something girls, comfortable in all aspects of their being, creative, smart and confident, free and adventurous. Sweet to tomboy to tough to romantic has always been a fashion thing for LA girls, and these days it definitely makes for one of our favorites!