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A Nail Trend to Try: Feathers

One of my favorite bloggers Ashley had some exciting news to share and I decided to spread the word!

Ladies, how many of you have you been on a date or cuddled up on the couch with your beau and thought, You know what would be really hot right now? If I tickled his face with a feather…that’s hanging off my nail.  
No one? Oh. Well you better get used to the idea because this is the latest craze for your claws:
photo (8)Okay, I’m semi-lying. Feathers are my new fave finger find, but they don’t hang off your nails like you’re some sort of weirdo, peacocky creature. (Plus, I don’t think they would hold up so well in the shower/whilst working out/during sexting/etc.) Thanks to BUFF nail bar, I got to experience this exotic enhancement on Saturday. My bomb-ass nail tech, Priscilla (follow her on Twitter and Instagram), painted my pinky with clear polish, then placed on my chosen feather and patted it down.
photo (9)If you did want some freaky feather phalanges, you’d stop here. But I chose to let Priscilla give it a clippin’.
photo (7)Then she painted over the nail with another clear coat and VOILA!  Plumage on my pinky!
photo (10)I’m really digging this. I wish I’d done a larger finger for a more dramatic effect, but I’d already chosen my ring finger to be a party nail before I spotted the feathers (and was all “Um, excuse me. What are those and can I wear them?!”). Next time, I’m thinking wing things on my thumb and ring finger.
If you’re in Atlanta, check out BUFF. Feathers and other nail art (like gold flakes, whaaaa?) are $2.50 per nail. Not in Atlanta and unsure if your nail salon has these edgy extras? BYO and teach them a new trick.
And shake ya’ nail feather.
*Other polishes on my nails are RGB nail tint in T2 and Butter London’s Wallis nail lacquer