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A Guide to Seeing the Netherlands by Boat

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sightseeing from the deck of a boat has an undeniable whiff of luxury about it. Several European countries truly lend themselves perfectly for a barge travel ride due to their “porous” topography. Italy and France are particularly beloved in this regard, but one should not underestimate the Netherlands either. Floating on the shimmering waters of this country by the North Sea is a delightful experience and if you ever planned to embark on this decadent journey, here is a guide to seeing the Netherlands by boat.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The impeccable lands of freshwater and tulips

The Netherlands is a lowland country, and multiple impressive river deltas coalesce the freshwaters of Europe. In a way, it is a European drainage basin, which offers some exciting prospects for avid boat lovers. Tourist barges are probably the most fitting vehicles to cover this predominantly aquatic terrain. They offer the best of all worlds, as their framework can accommodate comfortable dwellings along with spacious kitchens and dining areas. They can also accommodate bikes for travelers that easily fall in love with tulips. Tulip tourism is an especially prominent highlight what the Netherlands offers, and flora enthusiasts tend to choose barge travel these days as their designated form of covering the vast Netherlands territories.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bike for your life

Along the river banks, you will see impressive windmills, cute houses, quaint town sceneries, drawbridges and domestic animals. Navigating locks (engineered pools for water leveling) is a particularly interesting aspect of traveling through the canals of the region. While barge is essentially a moving hotel, much akin to the colossal cruise liners, their ports of call are as far as they can go. This is where the aforementioned biking comes into play. It is not only an integral part of sailing through the Netherlands; it is an integral part of pretty much every aspect of transportation through this country.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stellar waters of Holland

Of all the Netherlands regions, Holland is probably the most convenient stretch of territory for a barge adventure. First of all, it stretches along the coast of the North Sea and it includes the famous Frisian Isles. Second, some of the finest Barge Travel Connection packages cover the urban highlights of this entire corner of the country. In fact, the most spellbinding cities of the region are a part of Holland – including Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Rotterdam. The Hague is the seat of government and one of the major worldwide cities that hosts United Nations institutions.

The upsides of cities like Haarlem and Amsterdam is that they are practically floating on water. Anyone who has traveled to Italy will make instant comparisons to Venice. Interestingly enough, while you travel along the Spaarne River and the network of canals that will lead you through Haarlem. You are bound to learn more about this city’s history as the historical capital of North Holland. You will get a chance to marvel at gothic churches, drink the craft beer this region is known for, visit cheese farms and have a taste of impeccable traditional Dutch meals.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The beautiful Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beast of its own. Covering its numerous highlights would require a separate article, and information about it online is copious. It is the capital of the Netherlands with over a million residents in its urban area and the most recognizable architecture in the world. The Venice of the North attracts about 7 million tourists every year, and some of them are lucky enough to twist and turn around the banks of its canals on boats. The Canal Ring is an especially sophisticated and well-maintained historical area which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are sightseeing in the Netherlands by boat, you simply cannot miss out on it.

The mystifying Frisian Isles

The effervescent West Frisian Islands of Schiermonnikoog, Terschelling, Vlieland, and Ameland have the alluring quality of mysterious places. If you get a chance to travel to this corner of the country, it can be quite an unforgettable experience. What makes this portion of the country so fascinating is the fact that it has been occupied by the Romans as far back as 12 BC. The dynamic history of the isles, the culture, the legends and the fairytales of the region will undoubtedly captivate you.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nautical adventures on the high seas can be quite epic, but venturing into the colorful lands via smaller barges to savor the exquisite scents and beauties of the old continent can be a just as enticing experience as rolling on the Pacific waves. In fact, this is a preferable form of sailing for many people. Investigating the staggering beauty of the Netherlands by boat has a quality of a serene wonder that can hardly be matched.

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