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10 Travel + Packing Tips For Your Next Ski Trip!

ski tips travel blog

We hit Vail, Colorado just in time for the opening of ski season! We’re having a blast in Vail and in between shredding the fresh pow pow and aprés ski we’ve put together some essential tips!

Get ready for ski season with these tips!

1. Pack your ski gear in space bags

Ski clothes and gear are so bulky and fluffy, the space bags really save you room in your suitcase.

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2. Pack in compression luggage

I recommend this Burton bag.  It’s seriously the best.  I saw The Blonde Abroad using it and when she recommended it, I knew it was legit.  This bag has double compression compartments that are perfect for those of us that haven’t mastered packing light (aka me).  They’re called volume enhancing “cram zones” that stretch around the zippers so they won’t split!  For being fabric luggage it’s super heavy duty and the locks are TSA approved!  It even comes with a removable laundry bag and has a storage pocket that’s easily accessible from the outside.  Hands down this is my new go-to luggage.  On this last trip to Colorado it proved it can beat out everything else I’ve been using!

3. Bring everything you need

You’ll be dressing in layers so make sure you have thermals (shirts and fleece lined leggings), warm neck wrap, ear muffs, water proof insulated gloves, soft comfy socks, ski goggles, snow boots, beanie or spirit hood (I got the wolf and it was such a hit on the slopes), water proof ski jacket with a hood and a fleece liner, and ski bib (the jumper overall ski bottoms – I prefer those because when you fall snow doesn’t go in your pants). Skiing is an expensive sport.  If this is your first time and you just want to try it out, we recommend buying ski gear on sale or at WalMart in Denver or Vail.  It’s tempting to splurge but there is nothing more depressing than spending $1,000 on a new ski outfit and only using it a few times. You can get out of Walmart with everything you need for around $100. And make sure to check out the amazing deals we found below! Win. Win.

4. Wear your biggest and heaviest items to the airport

This means wearing those snow boots! And don’t get me wrong, I love my Sorels but with all the ski gear you’ll be wearing you’ll really want boots that are easy to slide on and off as well as waterproof.  These Moschino boots have been the best decision so far!

5. Moisturize

Bring chapstick, eye drops, sunscreen, and heavy duty lotion!

6. Humidifier + Vicks

Being at the high altitude really dries out your nose and messes up your sinuses.  It’s really important to push moisture back into your body so I recommend setting up a humidifier in your hotel room.  Ours came with one so check with the front desk but they have them right when you walk in Walmart if not.

7. Drink lots of water

Same goes for your skin. Being at the high altitude really dries out your skin.  It’s really important to replenish your body and drink a ton of water!  You don’t want to get light headed so remember to keep drinking water throughout the day.

8. For airport travel

If you can afford a slightly pricer flight, fly into Eagle County Airport.  It’s closer and the drive is easier.  If you are flying out of the Denver Airport make sure to check the weather because during a snow storm it can take up to 6 hours to get back.

9. For airport transportation

If you don’t want to rent a car you can call the CME (Colorado Mountain Express). It’s about $70 or $80 one way from the Denver Airport.  If you’re not staying in a village by the slopes your hotel will typically have a shuttle service that runs every 15-30 minutes to and from the slopes.

10. Bring a backpack

In case you want or need to de-layer while you’re on the slopes.   Pro Tip: Before you schedule your trip, make sure the winter activities you plan on participating in are open. Ski season normally begins in the middle of November, but other fun adventures such as tubing, dog sledding, and snowmobiling are not available until mid-December. This is due to the amount of snowfall, so be sure to check prior to booking your trip if any of these activities are on your to-do list.

ski tips travel blog

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Have any questions? Let us know!  What is your top ski essential?  Make sure to keep up with our ski adventures in Vail on snapchat @VerbalGoldBlog!