Tuesday, September 01, 2015

How to score as team "mom"

Nowadays its not just about being a hit as a little league team mom.  These days our big boys are playing ball too!  So when I say Team "Mom", I mean Team Girlfriend, Team Bae, and Team Wifey too!  I'm not talking about pro teams either.  I'm talking about college sports, summer ball, and rec teams like slow pitch mens softball.  Personally, I would only do this for men only teams and skip the co-ed kickball leagues.  

With all these men around I wanted to share how to get a hit and be a hit!  Here are the top 3 pitches that will make you a hit!  And yes covered and smothered with cheesy baseball references.  

1: Go to the games!  Definitely the easiest way to strike out is not going in the first place. (You don't have to go every week if you're not mom status but attending is a plus).  Bonus, games are pet friendly and will score you some bonus points!

2: Score big with snacks!  I'm talking big league chew, double bubble, sunflower seeds, evian water spray, gatorade, vitamin water, bottle water, beer, apples, clementines + hit a grand slam with winning cigars (championship games only).  You can even take your guy(s) back with popsicles and capri suns on Thursday games!

3: Cheer on the team!  Bring a sign and for college games, the bigger the better!! (If you're a real mom this is reverse for you.  Do NOT bring any signs, bells, horns, buttons, iron on t-shirts or bags!)

I know with these 3 hits you're sure to win #BestTeamMomEver!  Go fashionably of course with our game day picks!

                           xoxo Ady

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Where to stay in New York

Traveling to NYC soon and don't know where to stay? Are you always asking your friends where do I stay in NYC? How do I get the best deal? What's the nicest hotel? What's the best hotel for the price? What location etc etc... Well I have the answers you've been searching for! 

I travel to NYC quite a bit and I'm about that hotel life!  I've made it a point to stay in a different hotel every time I go just for you guys! #doitfortheblog Below you'll find my list of favorite NYC hotels, some pics + why I chose them. Granted my scale is slightly skewed more towards decor, spaciousness, view, room service, and bathroom counter space but I'll gladly add some extra details in there for yall! 

Regarding the best deals I recommend always always booking through Jetsetter or Hotels Tonight app. Serious must! Book the basic room and ask for an upgrade when you check in. Trust me. This little tip scored me an upgrade into Paris Hiltons room at The Standard and a $1000+/night suite at NOMO SOHO for under $300/night! Insert emoji hands here! 

I'll do this in order of favorites!

1. The Gansevoort Park Avenue 
Category: Luxe // Posh
Location: Park Ave

Pros: Gorgeous lobby! Hot pink and houndstooth design is carried into spacious bedrooms with hot pink curtains nice views with wrap around walk out balconys and a desk and seating area. Huge room and huge bathroom! Enough space outside to nail a BeyoncĂ© music video. {which you can see me embarrassing myself trying to nail that one here} Robes are plush and so comfortable I brought one home! Mini bar and fridge with optional take home rubber duckey and Goose! Gatsby the #TravelGoose Smoothie / pressed juice place downstairs and convenient location! Again thanks to Jetsetter I stayed for under $300 in a $700 room. Think a buzzy tri-level bar dripping in crystal and marble and the summer's hottest scene with an indoor-outdoor pool overlooking the Empire State Building.

Cons: 0

Category: Hip // Posh
Location: SoHo
Pros: Another spacious room.  Suites have two rooms with seating area but the regular rooms are normal NY size.  The bathrooms are white marble with amazing views right out your bathroom window!   Just be careful not to flash anyone while you shower.  Mini bar and fridge in the room is always a plus! Rooftop + nice outdoor area. GF options and delicious room service menu. Gorgeous decor, chandeliers over the bar, with that crisp white design in the room that just makes you want to face plant on the bed. Nice views with huge windows!

Cons: Robes are not soft and feel like an old towel. Have to go to second floor to check in.



3. The Standard
Category: Hip // Posh
Location: East Village or Meatpacking 
Pros: lip pillows (yep I just listed that first), huge windows with nice views and an amazing room service menu.  Added bonus of a mini bar and fridge in your room.  

Highline / Meatpacking Pros:
-Food and drinks at The Standard Biergarten and Standard Grill
-Amazing views of Manhattan
-Unique architecture — the building literally straddles the High Line park 
-Near the clubs, restaurants and shopping of the Meatpacking District // La Bain is upstairs and has a nice rooftop happy hour. 
-Free WiFi

Cons: smaller rooms are pretty small but larger suites have a seating area. Either way the bathroom is smaller with very little counter space. No on site gym at the East Village location but guests have access to Crunch Bowery

Highline/ Meatpacking Cons: 
-Crowds, crowds and more crowds 
-Pedestrians on the High Line have clear views into many rooms 
-Bathrooms have “peek-a-boo” windows into the rooms
-Not exactly a family destination


*Playing in Paris Hiltons room*

Standard Meatpacking 

Le Bain



4. Hotel Giraffe 
Category: Charming
Location: Park Ave
Pros: nice size room and bathroom. good location. complimentary happy hour. 
Cons: basic

5. Martha Washington 
Category: Hip
Location: NoMad (blocks from The Empire State Building + The Fashion District)
Pros: cute design / decor average size room and bathroom - amazing restaurant downstairs.  friendly staff. 

Cons: not a great room service menu, bad views, small windows


6. TriBeCa Grand Hotel
Category: Posh
Location: SoHo / TriBeCa
Pros: Spacious room with great in room dining and restaurant menu.  Mini bar in room. Champagne at check-in on Fridays and Saturdays, and a nightlife scene that draws locals. Goldfish in rooms as free overnight pets, upon request. Tech-friendly: WiFi is free; iPads and iPod Touches available for loan. Free bicycles are available (spring, summer and fall) to explore the area.  Mini bar.  Starbucks within walking distance. (yes that's a pro on my list)  Distinctive style throughout.  Big windows in bathroom.

Cons: Restaurant service was incredibly slow.  Small windows in the room with not so great views.

7. Eventi, a Kimpton Hotel 
Category: Hip
Location: Chelsea
Pros: Friendly and super accommodating staff, amazing bathrooms with counter space covered with marble.  Floor to ceiling windows with great views.  Mini bar with fridge.

seeing a pattern here huh #grownupbutnot

Cons:  Manly design with dark rooms and lots of wood.  Really nice but not particularly my favorite decor.  Room service menu was limited.

Next Up: 

Hotel on Rivington:

+ The Plaza

So stay tuned!  What are your favorite places to stay in NYC?

xo Ady

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