Friday, March 27, 2015

Why Being an Adult Sucks (Or at Least this Week)

Well hello! It’s us again... Ugh, won’t we ever just shut up. (prob not we are girls, talking is sorta our thang). Basically, I’d like to lodge a formal complaint today. (You listening God, AKA Bloomingdales)
Complaint: Being an adult sucks; royally and officially it is awful.

WHY on earth do we want to be adults so badly as children? Holy sh*t this is a classic case of don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  First, let me just say how great children have it.
1.      Someone feeds you daily, like someone’s life revolves around you eating. Pretty much the day is devoted to your eating schedule. #selfish

2.      Someone makes sure you don’t have sh*t on your face or coming out of your nose at any given time. – what I wouldn’t give to have my mom put a tissue up to my nose and say “blow” these days. Sheeze.

3.      Mandatory Naps. (Do I need to elaborate? -Well in case you are of the minority who doesn’t like to nap, these things are awesome and why couches were created)

4.      No School

5.      No work, not having to worry about money, and still getting what you want!  

6.      Limited Social Interactions

7.      Unlimited TV and Movies

8.      Someone f-ing carries and carts you places, like willingly, not just because you took one too many tequila shots and now “can’t feel your legs”. – Holy crap no wonder their feet are so soft, those tiny toes never touch the ground.

9.      Did I mention naps?

10.   Lastly, you are allowed to cry in public. I for one would like to bring back the ugly public cry because it was quite refreshing and enjoyable as a child.

Yes, much like many of you I took for granted the aforementioned list of items. I wanted to rush through childhood and become this bill paying, school-work doing, self-walking human being! (If you haven’t caught my drift, I hate it)

Children reading this blog I beg you… Please, for your own wellbeing stay in your strollers and continue to force people to spoon feed you for as long as socially acceptable. - like fooorrreeevvver.

Anyways… Happy Friday! I hope you guys had a great week, if you didn’t enjoy being an adult this week, join the f-ing club, and tell me about it (literally though…insta, twitter or comment below... Misery loves company). I think what might make you feel better is following us on social media. #justsaying  

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I workout with the Olsen Twins Why am I not Skinny Yet

My Olsen twin mojo is on point.  Everywhere I am... there they are.  It's like they're following me.  (I wish) What's my secret?  Just go to a trendy workout class and voila ... and Olsen twin.  I just thought they didn't eat and were naturally small... but apparently they workout too.  (No offense)

First it was MK at a spin class in the Hamptons and just recently I was at SLT in NYC working out next to Ashley.  Literally, in a class of 10 people.  Sadly enough, I wasn't the one to notice.  Mainly because before the class she had her head down in her phone in the corner so I didn't pay much attention.  My adrenaline was so high because I'm scared of new workout classes, making sure I get a good spot and that I didn't look like an idiot I don't even notice who was there.  The instructor said to watch the other people in the class to watch their form etc so I was watching how Ashley was doing the SLT moves the entire time and never noticed who she was.  She was in baggy workout clothes sporting a lovely RBF looking like any other girl in there.  Now that I think about it she probably thought I was staring at her.

If you don't know what SLT is ... be happy.  It's a new trendy class in NY called Strength Lengthen and Tone and resembles Pilates on steroids.  It's hard AF.  It's like doing Barre on an unstable moving table.  Our instructor is known as the "superhuman trainer".  Whatever that means.  Let's just say he's in great shape.  My only goal the entire class was not to fall on my face!  I thought it was a joke and didn't feel like I was getting a good workout but I will tell you the next day and the day after that.... HOLY CRAP I was sore!

These contraptions are what you workout on.  Called The Megaformer.

So if you can't find the motivation to workout... just think... an Olsen Twin could be there.  And that should be motivation enough.

What would you do if you ran into MK or Ashley at a workout class? 

 I mean the worst thing she could say is no ...

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Why I Impulse Vacation

When I'm having a hard time in my life, I buy plane tickets. The best life advice I have received from my mom has been “just throw some money at it, it’ll go away”, trust me it works. (Think creditors, shoes and bookies)  My bank account doesn’t appreciate the “post break-up dip” but whatever… my closet, instagram page, and memory do. #yolo

Last year my bf of two years and I broke up and 2 days later I was on a plane to Hawaii with a friend. It was an amazing get away. Who doesn’t want to hop a plane with 36 hours’ notice to paradise? To summarize my vacation in 50 words or less (because I know you don’t care) I laid on the beach, ate great food and watched some amazing sunsets by the water. All while getting an amazing tan.

Last year’s break-up and Hawaii trip spiraled a summer vacations worth of amazing travel. -I don’t regret a single purchase. We went everywhere! I went to the ATL, Hamptons (twice!!!), NYC, and LA/Laguna beach. I lived out of a carry-on suitcase for 3 months. It was the best 3 months of my life. In between all of that I managed to work and go to school. (Like wtf? who has a job in the summer? #endlesssummer #summervacation)


 My impulse travel has become such a pattern relative to my break-up schedule that recently when I posted photos of myself last minute in New Orleans my aunt called my mom to find out if my boyfriend and I were together still. (We aren’t, he’s an idiot.) Nothing like a good break-up shock to make you excited about being in in Louisiana. (No one offered me a trip to Hawaii this break up, I guess I get out of relationships too quickly!)
So, next time you see me posting random fun adventure photos know that it’s because a some f-boy and I just stopped seeing one another. Otherwise I am contently dating someone or everyone here in SF. Feel free to post encouraging things on my insta along the way like “he’s an idiot” or “I know someone who could have him killed…” ya know those sorts of things.

Incase you missed our most recent post about Travel 101: Top 10 Must have Carry-ons well what are you waiting for go read it now! I for one always forget something but this list totally simplifies it.
What would make you want to impulse vacation? How do you get over a break-up? This post was supposed to be about Hawaii but I wrote about myself… #whatever.
*all gifs on this post are courtesy of reality tv gifs, b/c gotta give credit where credit is due, and T.Kyle is amaz. 
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Travel 101: Top 10 Carry-On Must Haves

I've been traveling a lot lately... I was just in New Orleans, Florida, and New York so I feel like I'm a pro at traveling.  I'm actually on my way to NYC again right now.  So, I've put together a little list of "must haves" for your carry-on!  If you're that person that always forgets something... this is for you!
My Top 10 list of carry-on must haves!

1. The perfect carry-on luggage:  I like something hard so I can sit my carry on bag on top.  It must have 4 wheels because my arms are already getting their workout in spin class.  I swoon for DVF black and brown trunk luggage.  Leave me a comment below and I'll tell you how to get it on the low low!  I saved over $100 on mine!  If DVF is not for you I recommend something light weight for those overhead lifts, hard (canvas/fabrics scuff too easy and go from looking new to used in less than 60 seconds), 4 wheels, and one with an expandable zipper (life saver... trust me).  22" is the max so make sure you're in line with carry on measurements.

2. Carry-on bag:  Preferably one that zips.  You don't want your belongings falling out at the security checkpoint or under your seat on the airplane.  That's the worst.  My two favorites are from H&M and Sole Society.  The camel colored bag from Sole Society also comes in burgundy (I have them both).  I couldn't resist.  There is even a bottom zipper for extra shoes or cords.  I like ones with a flat bottom because they sit easily on top of your carry on luggage.  If you're gate is all the way at the end or you have to walk over a mile to get to your uber you're going to thank me because you don't want to be lugging a heavy ass carry on creasing your shoulder.  Sideways out of breath walking is not cute.  

3.  iPhone/Computer/ Tablet + all chargers and headphones:  Always always put your chargers in your carry on bag.  You should even go so far as to bring a back up charger with you.  If you're going out of the country make sure you have adapters with you.  Keep your chargers organized in a bag.  Trust me on this one.  Pulling out your headphones and the ear piece getting stuck and breaking on your lap top and having to listen to music with one earphone is not fun.  Wrap them and stash them nice and neat-like in a cute little pouch.

4.  Meds / Contacts: Think worst case scenario here.  If you can't live without it bring it.  Your medicine, contacts, contact solution should always make the trip.  Ever wake up with dry eyes after falling asleep on the plane?  Backup glasses or eye drops are perfect to have on hand!  Pack them in your carry on! Keep them separate in the super cute pouches and pill case above.

5.  Comfort:  Time to get comfortable.  Sleep mask, slipper socks (because you swell in the air I like to change into comfy sockies and spare my feet the red lines shoes make when they are too tight), inflatable travel pillow (key word inflatable = space saver), mini's (you know... alcohol), evian water mister (this keeps your face from drying out high up in the air - spray it every hour), hand sanitizer and clean wipes (because...ick).  

My favorite cheeky sleep mask comes from Flight 001
I always dress in layers so I'll have a cardigan, sweatshirt, jacket, or scarf with me which is usually what I use as a pillow and/or blanket.  I got some advice from a friend of mine who is a flight attendant and she told me to avoid using the complimentary blankets so I tend to steer clear from those.  Night flights and window seats are freezing and day time flights tend to be a bit warmer so dressing in layers helps!

6.  Entertainment: Bring magazines and/or a book for the trip.  You'll save money bringing your own.  I know it's 2015 and most planes have wifi or tv screens in the headrest now but I kid you not I was on a plane today heading to NYC that didn't have wifi (gasps) and no chargers in between the seats so I had to go old school and read from an actual book.  The best book ever... in the history of everdom is above.  It's called "Nice is just a place in France" and it's hilarious!  If you haven't read it I suggest buying it... like now.  

Or try to get my friend Lindsay to mail you hers.  I started a #payitforward book club.  When you're done reading a book just send it to someone who wants to read it then add your @name to the inside cover page to keep track of the Goldie Foxes who've participated.  How fun right?

7.  Empty Water Bottle:  If you're trying to save money bring an empty water bottle.  You can't bring drinks through security but you can bring an empty bottle and then just fill it up with water when you get to your gate.  Voila!

8.  Makeup:  If you did check a bag I recommend bringing all your makeup with you and even an extra outfit in your carry on.  The airlines have lost my bag before and they couldn't deliver it until the next day... so having an extra outfit and your makeup will really save you in a jam.  Of course the airlines will pay for new things you have to replace but this will just save you time.  It could have ruined my trip since it was only a weekend getaway.  Not having your bags for a day is the worst!

9.  Business Cards and Cash:  Always keep some business cards on hand.  You never know who you're going to meet or sit next to on the airplane.  I know cash is old school but it's nice to have some small bills on hand when traveling for tips.

10.  Snacks/Gum:  Chewing gum when the plane takes off and lands will keep your ears from popping all the time when the pressure changes.  Life changing I know.  Another bit of advice, bring your own snacks.  Airport food is either expensive or icky and bad for you.  I'd also stay away from the airplane food unless you have time for an upset stomach.  Bring healthy snacks as an alternative.  I love almonds and gummy bears!

So now that I covered my Top 10 I'd love to know if there is anything you always bring in your carry-on that I don't have in mine?  Feel free to share your travel tips and tricks below!  And if you're in NYC I'd love to say hi!
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