Tuesday, March 03, 2015


We couldn't be more excited to launch our new design and collab of Verbal Gold.  West Coast Style with a Southern Smile!

Lauren heads up Verbal Gold HQ in San Francisco and I'll be holding down the South in the Atl.  Find out more about Lauren here and get to know me here.

As you can tell we've just been celebrating by throwing glitter in the air and popping champagne filled confetti poppers all over Atlanta, San Francisco, and New Orleans!

Lauren's Outfit: Banana Republic JacketLuLu*s Dress; Scarf and shoes gifts from my mama ;)   Sunglasses: Kate by Kate Spade
Ady's Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs ; Scarf: Tory Burch 


Party Wolf T from Buy Me Brunch 

We aren't the only ones celebrating.  Hartley Bear was pretty excited to be playing with the champagne confetti popper bottle too!  She's not the only girl in the fam that loves her some champs and glitter!


We are still making changes, tweaks, and edits but are so excited to be where we are!  Stay tuned for more Verbal Gold!
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Pew Pew! How to get out of doing the dishes

Better yet.  How to get your boyfriend/roommate to do the dishes!
I Swear.

Here's my pitch..
1. Do you always do the dishes?
2. Are you tired of doing the dishes?
3. Do you have someone else you live with that can do the dishes?

If you answered yes to anyone of these questions then I've got just the thing for you!!

It's a FUN FUN way to get out of doing the dishes or any chore for that matter! You're. Welcome.

Step 1. Get a nerf gun, water gun, or any other fun thing to throw at the other person.

Step 2. Write a clever little note and wait for them to get home 
(you have a head start... because you'll be waiting wink wink)

Step 3. Win the nerf gun fight & they will happily do the dishes (plus you get out any and all frustrations shooting them - win win)

and it looks a little something like this.... 


Have fun and start thinking about what you're going to do with all the free time you have NOT having to do the dishes! and if this doesn't work... buy paper plates.

What creative ideas have you done to get out of chores? 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

You will lose your shit over this

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Jimmy is on a roll lately with some knock out skits.  This Wheel of Musical Impressions with Christina Aguilera singing as Britney Spears kills me.  I lost my shit.  She nailed it.  Hilarious!  It's 1999 all over again!  I love everything about this! As Jimmy says, "this is something I've always wanted to see!"  Literally amazing!

The Saved By The Bell Reunion skit is a close second.  But this still is in my top 3!

What's your favorite Jimmy moment? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Forever I LOVE Atlanta #BigLoveBall

I love my city!  San Francisco has my heart but Atlanta is home.  #ForeverILoveAtlanta 

I recently got to spread the LOVE with the most gorgeous of Atlanta skylines on the Jackson Street Bridge and the most fun photographers ever over at Six Hearts!  

all images via Six Hearts

The Big Love Ball is my favorite photo accessory of 2015!  It was seriously so much fun to include in my shoot and I was so amazed with how many people actually stopped to watch and ask about the Big Love Ball.  It just makes you happy.  You feel a part of something.  I know for me when I saw it with Jillian I immediately wanted to be a part of the movement!  

They come in 3 different sizes and I love the idea of sending little love balls to long lost friends that live in different cities or making someones day at work just a little brighter letting them know how loved they are!  Flowers are so basic but the big love ball is in!

If you couldn't tell... I was having a blast!  Glitter confetti is my BFF and it just so happens that Schellie is a fan too!  The owners/photographers William and Schellie are amazing!  They specialize in Weddings but can seriously do anything!  Check out their amazing work here!

So what is Big Love Ball you ask?

Big Love Ball is the creation of Vancouver designer, Wendy Williams Watt. The original ball was placed in her studio window to beckon the open hearts of those who walked by. Big Love Ball soon became an invited guest to weddings, celebrations and anywhere people feel the love.

Big Love Ball is now sent all over the world as a symbol of inclusion, lightness and love. You can buy one for yourself or send one to somebody who you love…or even like a lot. You will be joining the Universal Family Portrait and the many people saying ‘I am. I’m in. I do.’

A portion of all proceeds are donated to 3 charities – Right to Play, The Trevor Project and Paws for Hope.  Big Love Balls are sent to places we’ve never been, events we cannot attend and to friends we’ve never met. To charm, disarm, honor and i n c l u d e the many people in the world who celebrate LOVE.

Join the movement. Be a Baller.
Right to PlayPaws For HopeThe Trevor Project

So spread the love and get your BIG LOVE BALL today!  I also love what Hannah Brencher is doing with More Love Letters!  Because let's face it... the world needs more LOVE letters.

Want to see more of Atlanta.  Click here for Exploring Atlanta posts. 

 *all opinions are my own 
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