Hi! I’m Ady!  Founder of Verbal Gold Blog.  I have the best girl squad ever!  I love them so much I decided to open up my blog to my friends… all of them!! 👭👭 Yes there’s a lot of us, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Life is full of fun and friends so we like to keep the blog similar… just like real life.  Because after all, it is a lifestyle blog, so it has to include the squad! The blog should represent real life and my life is filled with my best friends… my squad, my girl gang, my golden girls if you will.

So that’s what VGB does.  It includes people. What’s better than a group of girl bosses telling you about their fabulous life (and fabulous fails in life) with things like where to eat, live, work out, hang, shop, and travel all from multiple perspectives all over the world but in one central location.  Just like in real life when you go to ask your friends opinion. We’re here for you.

Since we love friends so much, I hope you decide to stay and get to know us! Would love to meet all you lovelies (or what we like to call our besties or our #vgbsquad)!!! We’re headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia but our team is Global!  We spread across the US, UK, Australia, and Ireland (and growing)!

Want to join the squad, collaborate, or be a writer?  Use #VGBsquad on your social media photos and join our FB group here to become a bestie!

xoxo Ady

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