Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What do you want for your Birthday? A guide to GETTING the gift you actually want!

Tired of getting shitty gifts that you don't like?  

Tired of faking a smile?  

Tired of returning things?  

Just because you can't write Dear Santa lists or leave notes for the Tooth Fairy (what you didn't do that? Holla fo a dolla) doesn't mean you should get stuck with money, gift cards, and the same shitty gifts every year.  #amiright? 

So... what do you want for your Birthday?  That's the question we all get every year!  And with my 30th Birthday comin in hot I've gotten that question a lot!  I'll admit... I'm a hard person to shop for.  Reallll hard.  Mainly because if I want something I buy it.  Plain and simple.  But I'm making this little cheat sheet on how to get what you want for your Birthday for all you #GoldieFoxes out there and a little hint hint wink wink for my peeps too!

Step numero uno.  Download the Keep App.  The best place to buy online (besides ebates) where you can buy from anywhere and you only need to put your credit card information in once.  Yes it's trouble.  Your wallet will hate me.  BUT the app allows you to create a wish list... think of it as the registry to the Universe.  You can "register" anything and everything from anywhere!  Mind. Blown?.... You're Welcome.  So for example on my Keep I have a wishlist, purchased list (to keep track), for others, and for him!  You can divide up the must haves and wants however you want!

For me... meaningful gifts mean the most.  I love a gift that has meaning.  Especially if I've mentioned something I love in the past and a friend or bf remembers that and gets it for me.  (little hint here: take notes throughout the year when you hear things they might want)  Melts my heart to know they listen and care that much.  Putting thought into a gift makes a HUUUUGE difference!  The feeling of being loved and thought about is so much better than just a gift.  If it means something... no matter the price tag... it'll go a long way! 

If it's your boyfriend // husband // sig other it can be a hand written love note, 30 reasons why they love you, 30 things they are going to do for you, or a meaningful gift.  I've posted a few of my favorites below.   

I'm absolutely obsessed with LatLo necklaces and am obsessed at the idea of having the coordinates of where you fell in love, where you live, where you and your bestie met... soooo many ideas!  

As you can tell I'm a huuuuge gold fan!  #allgolderthang So to that point if you're going to go with jewelry make sure you get what she/he already wears and loves. i.e. silver or gold or mixed metals or birth stone / favorite stone etc...

I love the bracelet above.  I'm a size 7.5" wink wink.  Is it too cheesy to have something like A + M and the date on the bracelet of when we said I love you, our first date, coordinates of where we met, or anything symbolic like that?  Not to me!!! Chhheeeeeese!  ANYTHING and I repeat... ANYTHING with a heart on it or initials is a win in my book.  If you're not me. Be careful with hearts.  Some girls hate them.  Some girls love them.  I for one LOVE love and hearts!  

Depending on how deep you're in you can also go with couples massages, vacations, concerts, comedy shows, or even cute little picture frames and some flowers on a special date night would do the trick! 

Dear Parents... if you're reading this (it's not too late). #seewhatididthere  A facial and a massage works but then again so does paying off my car and my mortgage.  Too much?  Ok then.  The 19cm rose gold Cartier love bracelet...  the large Gucci felt tote, diamond earrings, a Rolex.  Should I stop now?  #agirlcandream Looooove you! (Side bar: The material girl Madonna song just started playing through my head.  Sorry not sorry.)  Ok for reals -Paying my personal trainer for 3 sessions (or as many as you want) would be amazing too!

Friend gifts are the best!  And sometimes a dinner or a happy hour will do.  Just little reminders of your friendship and inside jokes are perfect!  Packed Party is my new fav.  I just love their boxes.  They are great not just for Birthday's but for all occasions.  Mugs that talk, friendship bracelets, candles, Chanel espadrille flats pedicures, witty books, planners, stationary, girls trips, makeup, earrings, anything Kate Spade, a cupcake, wine, wine glasses, gold foil or black and white stripe anything, cute clutches or handbags, donating to a charity of your choice, a unicorn.... I mean the options are endless.

Here's what I'm talking about....  (PS.  All of these are on My Keep Wishlist)

So now that I completely went Sweet 16 sass attack on you and blatantly laid out what I love and am currently lusting over.  

Let me know your lust list, some of your favorite gifts of all time, your go to gift, what you love to give or get or just some fun Birthday memories!  

Remember we love to chat and our party is over @VerbalGoldBlog
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Burn-Proof Your Skin for Summer in 2 Easy Steps

Consider this 2 step method your no fail defense against sunburn... and the nasty sun spots, skin damage, cancer, and wrinkles that come with it!  

If you read this you know that we impulse vacation... a lot!  And as I approach my dirty 30 (that's code for 30th Birthday) I'm starting to take my own advice... and the nagging loving advice I heard from my mother growing up.  And that's to, "Cover up that pretty face young lady or you'll look like leather when you get old!"  Seriously, exact words.  You're. Welcome. 

So I've put together a little cheat sheet for all you #GoldieFoxes!  Especially if you're an "outdoorsy person"!

Rule 1.  SPF SPF SPF SPF SPF (did I mention SPF?)  Ok good.  Just checking.  SPF 30 or higher!!!  Key zones: Forehead, nose, cheeks, ears, chin, and neck.  Let's just summarize and say PUT THIS SHIT ALL OVER YOUR FACE... EVERYDAY!  Including your hair line and part!  These areas are always overlooked and are high skin-cancer prone areas.  (tip: you can do this with an angled brush) Now-a-days there are tons of moisturizers with SPF in them.  Grab one of those.  Kiehl's and L'Oreal come to mind.  

Approach the sun like this.... 

Not this.....

Rule 2.  Top with a water resistant mineral SPF powder.  Key word.... water... resistant!  Boom.  Perfect for summer!  Color-science unforgettable SPF 30 // ELF // bareMinerals I mean with so many options you should be good to go here!  

If you're out by the pool, lake, or ocean this summer which I expect all of you to be doing... remember to reapply every 3 hours and wear a hat!! Your birth control has hormonal changing shit in it that will cause Melasma.  It's caused by hormones and most common in women, especially pregnant women.  And trust me... you don't want this!  It changes your skin for good and it will never go back.  No matter how many V Beam or Fraxel laser treatments you get.  Trust me!  It SUCKS!  

SPF = $15 VBeam and Fraxel = $1500  You decide.

My advice... 

Now that I've shared how to be beautimous forever #girlcode come share your tips with us here!

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Saturday, April 11, 2015


This look is a HOMERUN!!  The perfect girlish tomboy mix!  Inspiration via Target / NFL style!

The perfect Opening outfit of the Day!  #OpeningOOTD Doing baseball in style.  Braves and Giants style... vintage t's, statement necklaces, baseball bracelets, pops of pattern and color in accessories, and my current obsession... baseball keds! (insert emoji with heart eyes) Love them!  Own them!  Like some famous person or retail store somewhere once said... life is short, buy the shoes.  I'm certain they were talking about some stellar loubs but in this case it applies to keds... a very cute perfect for spring pair of baseball keds! Sigh. I'm in love.  Slow clap.  I realize I might look like a 5 year old wearing them and I'm very ok with that because at the baseball game I eat like one too.


Here's the schedule for some color / game inspiration!

Play ball!

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TIU Protein Pancakes Recipe

On a diet and missing carbs?  Well Tone It Up Perfect Fit Protein makes some amazing protein pancakes... 15 grams worth to be exact!  Bonus... It's organic and gluten free.  But you can substitute and use any protein you see fit.

1 Scoop/Packet Perfect Fit Protein (vanilla or chocolate)
½ Banana (mashed)
½ Tablespoon almond milk
¼ Cup egg whites
1 Teaspoon cinnamon

Completely mash banana with almond milk, then stir in remaining ingredients.  If desired, add a handful of blueberries to the batter before cooking.  Spray your skillet with cooking spray, turn on medium-low heat and pour batter evenly.  Keep the pancakes on the lighter side.  Think small thin rounds.  Cook for a couple minutes until you see bubbles rising.  Carefully flip your pancake and cook it all the way through.  Serve with sliced strawberries and a drizzle of pure maple syrup.  If preferred, top with Greek Yogurt, mixed berries, chia seeds, coconut flakes or a dash of cinnamon.

This is definitely one of my new favorites!!! Thank you protein Gods! 

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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Adult Easter Baskets that are 18 Carrot Gold

Just because you're not a kid (and some days that's debatable) doesn't mean you can't celebrate Easter in style.  Adult Easter Baskets (AEB) are perfect for friends, family, visiting the in laws or boyfriends parents, host/hostess gifts and much more! Because let's face it... who doesn't love chocolate!

First, know your audience, because giving wine to your mother in-law who recently just finished a (not so secret) stint at betty ford will not go over well. Basically, I am saying be considerate.
Second, fill your basket. Like, to the top. People love stuff, the more the better. Don't you remember running down the stairs and seeing those large white baskets covered with colored cellophane and plastic grass, I mean the contents was mostly peeps and random toys but hey presentation counts ( go mom!). Which brings you to the next step...

Selecting the best Basket option:
* Watering Can
* Pot 
* Crate 
* Strainer
* Hat (upside down)

You can fill your AEB with red bull, wine (obiv) mini or full size #biggerthebetter, lindor chocolate, chocolate bunnies, candy, Easter oven mits, Easter pot holders, candles, 5 hour energy, bacon, beef jerky, nail polish, gift cards, wine glasses, anything chocolate and anything peanut butter, metallic eggs, gum, mints, mason jars and anything gold and glittery!!!!

My other host gift / AEB go to is an Edible Arrangement or a nice potted plant.  Yes I love flowers but I feel like a vase of potted tulips goes a lot farther and is perfect for Easter!  Think let it live don't let it die...

Have a great weekend and Easter Sunday!

 #grownupbutnot What are your favorites from you AEB?

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Friday, April 03, 2015

Lip Sync Battle is Life

If you missed the Lip Sync Battle last night you seriously missed out because that shit was hilarious!!! The premier starts off with Jimmy Fallon and THE Rock in an epic battle hosted by LL Cool J. (remember him? flashback to the 90s - yeah he's on NCIS but it's cool to have him around music.  They are promoting the show with clips of "Mama Said Knock You Out" an epic throwback and nod to LL... because... don't call it a comeback!)  

To see THE Rock hopping around to "Tay Tay's" Shake it Off seriously made my week!  #inlove  Get ready to laugh!  

I mean the idea coming from Jimmy Fallon's talk show sketch mad props bro because it's on point.  Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart were my OG lip sync battle favorites!  "You can never unsee that!"  Memories folks.... memories.  If you're not crying, cheering, laughing, or singing along... you're not human.  What I wouldn't give to go out with the 3 of them!  #callmemaybe? 

When I saw John Legend doing MC Hammer I almost died!  Anyone up for karaoke? 

This is my new favorite show!!!  Who else is watching?  What was your favorite song? Who did you think should have won?  Personally I was voting for Legend and The Rock all the way!! 

Come harass me on instagram (that's where our parties at) and let's talk allll about it.... because this selfie is my jam!  

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