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What is dry brushing and why you should be doing it

The latest beauty trend: dry brushing!  Dry brushing has so many benefits, including exfoliating the skin, increased circulation, and glowing skin! If you're looking to add a new step to your skincare routine, dry brushing is a must!

Quarantine brought some amazing new things into my life. While being stuck at home, I learned a lot more about wellness and beauty trends. These were things that I have wanted to get better at, but never found the time when I was working all the time. Then I wasn’t working much (or at all) so I took the chance to learn.

I have always seen the dry brushes at the store but really didn’t get what the big deal was with them. I would honestly get so overwhelmed with all the different brushes. Finally, I took the leap, got the stuff, read a little bit, and did a whole lot of trial and error. I am so glad that I did because it has honestly been life-changing for me.

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is when you brush your body with a natural fiber brush. The coarse bristles have been said to stimulate pores and lymph flow to assist with the body’s detoxification process while exfoliating the skin. There are so many amazing benefits to dry brushing that affect the whole body.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

I was amazed to find all of the benefits of dry brushing. To me, it just seemed like a new trend in the wellness industry but it’s actually been around for a while.

Exfoliates the skin: To me this was the most obvious benefit of dry brushing. I figured it was a quicker way than a sugar scrub to exfoliate.

Self Care Routine: Dry brushing as been part of my self-care Sunday routine, and it’s a calming force. It has helped me relax, focus on my breath, and care for myself. It can be done daily or when works for you.

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Can Increase Circulation: Dry brushing can act as a form of lymphatic drainage massage if done correctly. I have noticed when I dry brush after a workout I’m not as sore the next day.

Giving your skin a radiant glow: We are removing dry dead skin cells, so it’s going to make your skin smoother, softer and brighter.

How often to Dry Brush?

I have read that it’s ok to dry brush everyday, but I dry brush once a week. I think finding something that works in your schedule. To me I only dry brush when I want to, and when it’s not a chore or something I have to. I want dry brushing to be something that I look forward to and enjoy.

How to Choose a Dry Brush?

This is all personal preference. I have two different brushes. One is handheld and the other has a handle. I use them both depending on how I am feeling. They both have different firmness in the brushes. Also, the one with a handle is obviously easier to reach your whole body.

Steps to Dry Brush:

Get naked: It’s most effective when done on your entire body. I have read that you can do it before you step in the shower or in the shower. I dry brush in the shower before I shave. It’s what works best for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s done in the morning or evening. Research shows that it can help you wake up if you dry brush in the morning. I do mine at night because that’s when I shower.

Start at feet and move upward: I start with light pressure and gradually get harder in pressure. This is all trial and error. I have dry brushed a few times where it has left marks on my skin. There is no right or wrong way to dry brush.

Don’t rush: This is the best tip because it’s a self-care practice. Think of it as something that needs time and dedication. Don’t make one pass and move on to the next body part. I recommend at least 2 or 3 on each spot. This also helps with lymphatic drainage.

Circular motion on stomach and joints: From what I read it should be done in a clockwise direction. I have done both clockwise and counterclockwise, and don’t notice a difference.

Long strokes on arms and legs: I start at the top and stroke down. There is no science or research, but just want I have found works for me. The great thing I have found about dry brushing is it’s a lot of trial and error. What feels good for your body.

After Care

You should follow your dry brushing routine with a shower and moisturizer. I do my dry brushing in the shower after I wash my hair, and before I wash my body. Then I either put on moisturizer or self-tanner. Then enjoy all the benefits from dry brushing. Let me know in the comments if you dry brush.