motivation monday

Motivational Monday Playlist 2


Happy Monday! A brand new week means we have some fresh tunes to get you through your workouts! Check out the playlist below for some upbeat jams to help you burn off all the extra holiday treats you’ve been sneaking. We complied a playlist that is about an hour long to make your workout go faster…

Monday motivation – boss ass betch playlist


Since we just celebrated our badassery (modestly speaking) we put together a BOSS A$$ BETCH playlist to motivate you through this (and every) week!  Carry on. I love to listen to this playlist during work, working out, packing for a trip, or strutting through the airport.  What’s your favorite play…

Going Out Playlist


The perfect playlist for when you’re getting ready to go out with your girls any night of the week.  Click Here to listen to our “Going Out” playlist on Spotify!   Sneak peak of our “Going Out” playlist       xx Claire  

Weekend Playlist


Happy Weekend Golden Girls!!!  This weekend calls for some dance break dance jams so join me on Spotify for our weekend playlist!      xoxo Ady