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Pew Pew! How to get out of doing the dishes

How to get out of doing the dishes…

How to get out of doing the dishes

Better yet.  How to get your boyfriend/roommate to do the dishes!

I Swear.
Here’s my pitch..
1. Are you always doing the dishes?
2. Are you tired of doing the dishes?
3. Do you have someone else you live with that can do the dishes?
If you answered yes to anyone of these questions then I’ve got just the thing for you!!
It’s a FUN FUN way to get out of doing the dishes or any chore for that matter! You’re. Welcome.
Step 1. Get a nerf gun, water gun, or any other fun thing to throw at the other person.
Step 2. Write a clever little note and wait for them to get home 
(you have a head start… because you’ll be waiting wink wink)
Step 3. Win the nerf gun fight & they will happily do the dishes (plus you get out any and all frustrations shooting them – win win)
and it looks a little something like this…. 


Have fun and start thinking about what you’re going to do with all the free time you have NOT having to do the dishes! and if this doesn’t work… buy paper plates.
What creative ideas have you done to get out of chores? 
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