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One night stand at The Standard Hotel in Miami, Florida

The Standard Hotel in Miami, Florida is different. Probably different than any other hotel you’ve ever stayed in. It’s even different from The Standard Hotels in New York! But they all have a very different vibe. When I think about the hotel, words that come to mind are Euro, unique, eclectic, hipster, and out there.  Initially I didn’t think this hotel was for me because personally it’s not my style but it’s nice to try something new (even if it’s a little outside your comfort zone).  And by comfort zone I mean bathtubs on your patio outside your room.

Curious about our one night stand? Check out our stay at The Standard Miami below!

 Hotel + Rooms

The Standard isn’t your typical hotel in Miami. It’s not a high rise and you don’t have to take an elevator to get to your room (at least the one I stayed in). It’s more like a “motel style” hotel or as they say “is less of a hotel and more of a spa with guest rooms”. At first, I was unsure about this hotel. The rooms are small, enough for only 2 people and that’s still pushing it. There’s a bath tub outside your room on a private terrace. But you’re in Miami, you aren’t meant to be in your room. The property is gorgeous with plants, hammocks, and swings. There’s a restaurant on property as well as a retail store. This hotel is made for people that like to spend a lot of time out of your room.  Since only one room has an ocean view we recommend spending your time by the pool, spa, or the on site restaurant that’s right on the water!

Pool + Spa

There’s an infinity pool looking over the bay with plenty of seating and excellent service.  Now since this is a spa hotel, there’s hydrotherapy options indoors and outdoors. I started outside at the pool. There are steps posted that tell you what to do and when in rome, you just do it. You start in the Roman Waterfall Hot Tub and let the water massage your back, then you get in the Arctic Plunge, and then you head into the infinity pool. Your body feels so relaxed after doing this and especially on about the 3rd time. The benefits are improved circulation, reduced stress, relieve pain, improved energy and removal of toxins.


The Standard offers so many different spa services! So many! You get full access to their world renowned hydrotherapy spa hamam, mud lounge, aroma steam room, cedar sauna, salt water sound pool, arctic plunge waterfall, and hot tub. I decided to try the mud bath since it’s supposed to do all these great things for your body. You can do it in the spa or by the pool in this secluded area overlooking the bay. Since I didn’t really know what I was doing and didn’t feel quite comfortable, I headed back down to the pool for the mud bath.  You can get it done at your own speed and with a tad more privacy which was more in my comfort zone. A nice lady met me down there and scooped out some algae-infused mud for me. You get to pick between gold, pink, or green. I went with gold (duh, Verbal Gold). You slather it all over your body and then bask in the sun to let it dry. There’s a warm bath waiting for you once the mud is dry to get the mud all off of you. Some of the benefits of an algae-infused mud bath are it tightens your pores, clears blotchiness, sucks out toxins, and evens out skin tones.


After I played around, it was time to relax. This was the most peaceful pool, I mean there was music playing when you went under the water, like how in the world did they do that?! (I imagine that’s what Ariel hears swimming around in the ocean.) I spent the whole day there and into the night – just relaxed and then enjoyed dinner by the water.


Food + Drinks

The room service menu is open 24/7 and has a number of health options on it. I was really impressed with their health conscious menu. Healthy options included kale salad, fresh fruit, organic desserts, fresh muscles, turkey and vegan burgers. For example, when I tried to order a Diet Coke they offered me a fresh squeezed watermelon juice with Chia seeds. The menu is small but their wine menu is extensive. I was able to order a rosé so cheers to that! There is a fully stocked mini bar in your room with so many organic treats and drinks!
The restaurant is outside directly next to the pool and overlooks the water! It’s gorgeous and the food was amazing. There is also a smoothie bar on site so you’re able to grab a smoothie and sit in their outdoor garden area or swing in a hammock.  Pretty relaxing!  There are also waiters poolside so you can get whatever you want while you layout!

I’d highly recommend this hotel if you’re looking for a spa experience and some relaxation. It’s a cool environment. It’s in Miami, so I’m sure it can get hopping but my experience was the opposite and I was ok with that. I was there to relax and lay by the pool.

More Information

– Valet parking is a must and comes at a price of $34 a day.   You can text a number to bring your car around which I thought is convenient.

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