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How To Travel With Your Pet

Pet Travel

If you’re like me, you love to travel but hate leaving your furry pet behind. Traveling is always an exciting experience that shows how versatile the world is. Sharing this experience with your pet can be a unforgettable journey you will never forget. However, despite the fact that the trip with a pet is always special, it can be a nerve racking experience for both of you. You should take some actions to make sure your pet feels great and your journey is relaxing. Don’t worry, everything is not as complicated as it can sound. We are here to make it easy for you!

We’ve come up with the following travel tips for you. Follow them and you’ll enjoy an unforgettable trip with your precious family member.

5 Tips To Get Ready For Your Trip With Your Pet

1. See a Veterinarian

Traveling is both exciting and stressful for people and pets, so it’s important to check your pet’s health and fitness level. If necessary, get the pet vaccinated before the trip or make sure their vaccinations are current. Be sure to research the destination country’s pet import requirements. Don’t forget about an internal and external parasite requirement, and a Blood Titer Test if required.

Traveling can be stressful. A natural response to stress is hiding and seeking solitude. If the pet is stressed out, it can escape. Having your pet implanted with a microchip is a must-have procedure.

The veterinarian will insert the microchip under the pet’s skin, and if something happens, you will be able to find your pet. Don’t forget to register the microchip and keep the information up to date. Besides, the vet can prepare a quick history of your pet’s vaccinations, major illnesses, and any medications it may be taking.

2. Choose The Means Of Transport

Depending on the destination, you can travel by car or by plane.

If you travel by car, pay attention to acclimating your pet. Create a safe zone in the car, your small friend should feel comfortable. It’s a good idea to put their favorite pillow or a blanket out. Familiar things will help the pet relax. Also, if you have a cat, don’t forget about a portable litter tray and a litter mat. Before buying the necessary items, consider the best cat litter mat reviews. Pack up the essentials: a collar, name tag, portable water dish, supply of pet food, brush, printed-out photo of the pet.

For dogs the same rules apply. Don’t forget about their treats, medications, plastic bags, and clean up essentials. Make sure your pet is hydrated too!

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Undoubtedly, flying with your pet is convenient, but you should prepare some documents. If you fly domestically, then always have a certificate of rabies vaccination. While traveling internationally with a dog or a cat requires having more documents. In addition to tests and permits, you should have a health certificate. This certificate is completed by a veterinarian. It states that the pet is free of infectious diseases and satisfies all import requirements.

On top of that, always leave identification stickers with the name of the pet, your name, cell number, medical considerations. These stickers should be clearly visible.

*We do NOT recommend flying your pet if they can’t fly in the cabin with you. It causes undue stress on your pet and yourself as well.* If you absolutely must, click here to get additional information.

3. Check Pet-Friendly Places

In order to reduce stress and enjoy the trip, you should plan everything in advance. Reserve a pet friendly room in a hotel in advance or inform your host that your pet will come with you, find a pet-friendly restaurant, parks, and squares where you can walk and exercise with your pet. Also, don’t forget to write down an address and the cell number of the vet nearby.


4. Schedule a Visit to a Pet Groomer

If you want your pet to enjoy its stay, make sure it feels and looks great! The pet groomer will work on the pet’s ears, fur, and nails to make your faithful friend look as clean and neat as possible.

5. Consider Pet’s Comfort

Taking cats overseas or traveling with dogs can be tricky. Your paramount task is to ensure pet’s comfort and security. So, stick to the following tips:

• The pet should get used to the carrier if you use it. Acclimate your pet to the carrier – it should feel safe and relaxed in there.

• If you fly with your pet, choose non-stop flights or flights with the fewest layovers as possible.

• Use an “association scent,” which will help your pet relax. You can use lavender oil. At feeding times and before walks, place a drop of the oil on your hands and let your dog pick up the scent. Once onboard, “the positive association will allow him to calm down and remain relaxed,” Cesar Millan explained.

• Don’t use sedatives. Combined with the change in altitude and air pressure, they can affect pet’s breathing negatively.

• Bring familiar food because eating habits should remain the same to avoid potential problems with health.

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Traveling with a canine companion or feline friend is an awesome experience. All you need to do is to plan ahead to ensure your pet’s comfort, and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Have you ever traveled with a pet? What are some of the benefits? Please share your experiences with us below!