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caesarstone bathroom remodel

From dark to light bathroom renovation with caesarstone revealed + before and afters + a giveaway!

caesarstone bathroom remodel

I’m so happy that my bathroom remodel with caesarstone is complete. If you saw this post on leading up to the remodel you know it’s well worth it! The before and after is so amazing and I think I picked out the perfect color caesarstone, frosty carina. It’s proven to be durable and the exact color I needed in there to brighten up the bathroom.

Since I was updating the bathroom and giving it a fresh new look I had to go with a more modern sink shape as well.  When they rip out your countertops your sinks are most likely not going to be able to be reused.  I hired Top Shop Stone to install my countertops and new square sinks.  They were the most affordable option and I absolutely loved their work!  If you’re in the Atlanta area I’d recommend going with them!

I painted the countertops first to see if I wanted to go darker or lighter. They were going to be removed anyways so no harm there.


I chose caesarstone because it’s extremely durable, non-porous, scratch resistant, cost effective, and highly resistant to stains. Caesarstone retains its beauty without sealants or waxes and is basically maintenance-free.

I’m obsessed with the reno and how the bathroom came out. Really happy with my choice of countertop after such an exhaustive search.  Caesarstone for the win! Not only that but now my bathroom matches the kitchen remodel I did so the house has a much more cohesive look and feel. Welcome to the modern world little housey!

As you can see, they’re pretty happy about the new bathroom too!


Caesarstone is giving away $5,000 EVERY WEEK this summer!  Enter here!

caesarstone giveaway


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caesarstone bathroom remodel

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Thank you for sponsoring this post caesarstone!  All opinions are my own.  I have a genuine interest in their product and it’s the superior countertop option that fit my style, needs, and my home perfectly! Thanks for reading!