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Foods That Cause Acne and What To Do

This is a list to remind myself if I want to have good skin
DO NOT eat these foods:
1. french fries
2. pizza
3. pancakes 
( i know right.. we just can’t catch  break)
4. tacos
5. popcorn
6. processed foods 
(canned and frozen)
7. bagels
8. caffeine 
( a horrible trigger for acne)
9. cheese 
(all dairy products are bad but cheese is the worst offender)
10. cheeseburgers 
(a double threat… triple if you have bacon on it.. just say no if you want clear skin)
So basically carbs, trans fats, oil, and the dairy and you’ve got a recipe for some really bad skin…merh.

Luckily I’ve found two really great sites for all your problems.

They are awesome.