Best Lime Margaritas


  In honor of Cinco De Mayo, here is a tasty and perfect margarita recipe! Easy way to impress your friends and not use any pre-mixed sour mix, less sugar so no headaches, and a little stronger :).   You can use regular lime juice, or Rose’s Lime juice, which is…

TIU Protein Pancakes Recipe


On a diet and missing carbs?  Well Tone It Up Perfect Fit Protein makes some amazing protein pancakes… 15 grams worth to be exact!  Bonus… It’s organic and gluten free.  But you can substitute and use any protein you see fit.    Ingredients1 Scoop/Packet Perfect Fit Protein (vanilla or chocolate)½…

Gluten Free Mini Pumpkin Pie Recipe


  So we had a brunch and pumpkin carving girls day which was awesome!  Our brunch was so much fun! Friends, a great day, bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s plus glitter, gold spray paint, and pumpkins! Definitely my kind of day! My friend brought over these cute little gluten free…

Fried Lobster Bites Recipe


To give you a little background my dad hates Turkey.  Every Thanksgiving instead of eating a turkey we would have fried lobster tails.  We are a strange family – I know.  So ever since I was 12 years old I’ve been helping my mom and meemaw make these. I know…

Chicken & Eggs with Avocado Relish


I got this great Paleo cookbook and decided to make the following breakfast! I swapped out meat for shredded chicken! Made the Avocado relish first… avocado, onion, cilantro, fresh lime juice, black pepper Sauteed the chicken, jalapeño, and tomato with some chili powder and garlic mix in the scrambled eggs…

banana pudding recipe

Banana “Nilla” Pudding Recipe


I have so much to be thankful for! It’s true. I do.  I’m so thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family! And I’m thankful for this recipe! My favorite part is our recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. and this year was no different Nanny’s Original…