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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Bali

bali indonesia travel blogger city guide


I had a blast in Australia and then decided to head over to Indonesia!  And to sum it up… LIFE. CHANGING.  It was incredible.  I never wanted to leave.  I strongly encourage and highly recommend traveling to Bali… like now! Go!  I would go back every year if I could.   

For starters, it’s HOT!  You will sweat everywhere you go so au natural all the way!  But Bali is gorgeous!  It’s cheap!  You are a millionaire with $100USD.  (I had a spa day with a 2 hour massage, facial, body scrub, foot massage for $15!  Crazy town!)  The people are so nice and there is so much to do.  Bali is so romantic (you know, those infinity pools and sunsets be killin em).  Bali is truly so peaceful… literally some Eat, Pray, Love shit!  So calming.  We rented a driver for the day ($50 btw… 8 hours.. yeah) and as we were driving through Ubud I found myself staring out the window in awe and just smiling.  Not talking, just taking it all in.  I’m seriously in love with Bali! It was AMAZING.  I am forever changed.

Get ready to pack your bags because Bali is the most amazing vacation ever!


bali indonesia travel blogger city guide

Where To Stay

I love all the hotels in Seminyak! It’s a great location and so central to everything. You can walk to a ton of places nearby. Definitely check out Alila Seminyak and these Bali hotel deals!

bali indonesia travel blogger city guide

Food and Drinks

There is a tax on water and wine there … it’s the most expensive thing so I recommend drinking lots of coconut water.  Just add sterile ice and lime.  It’s delicious! The food is incredible and so inexpensive so eat everything! Fresh fish and fresh fruit is a must! I recommend Potato Head and Ku De Ta! 

Activities / What To Do

 Take it in. All of it! 

After a lot of research, I went to an elephant safari park where the elephants are not harmed and well taken care of!  My elephant’s name was Arum and my guide started singing The Lion King songs to me as we were “in the jungle the mighty jungle ahrumaway ahrumaway”  Then he said, “Oh you so lucky, you from America, home of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber… baby baby baby Oooohhhhh!” And I swear I almost fell I was laughing so hard.  I wanted to pack him up and take him home with me.  I got to feed the elephants and love on them!  It was probably my favorite thing ever! If I keep saying I love everything it’s because I truly did. It’s like I had the best day ever my entire stay. Such an experience! 
*As a reminder elephants are never supposed to be ridden. You should only be viewing elephants from a distance in the wild and if possible to feed them up close and personal. Riding elephants is a major tourist trap where elephants are beaten and chained up until they’re submissive. Not to mention, it’s not good for their backs and they’re slapped and hit with rods to keep moving. I believe the no animal should ever be ridden or in a cage. I made this mistake before I knew better. I thought I did enough research but I made a bad call so please please be kind to animals. 
bali indonesia travel blogger city guide ketut eat pray love

Other musts:

  • Hanging Gardens
  • The Monkey Forest
  • Visit the rice fields
  • Rent a driver to explore Ubud
  • Stop by Ketuts
  • Shop in Seminyak (bring cash)
  • Get a massage and a facial for $6 
  • Visit as many temples as possible

bali indonesia travel blogger city guideBeaches and Pools

For how poverty stricken the streets of Bali look places like Potato Head and Ku De Ta make you feel like you’re in paradise.  Infitity pools to the beach, sunsets, and gorgeous surroundings.  It’s really indescribable.  It’s a 180 from outside those walls.  The security to drive into these places in something I’ve never experienced.  They check your entire car and sweep the underneath also.  Really makes you feel safe.  

The beaches there are great but the sand is FIRE.  I don’t understand how anyone can walk on it.  I felt like my feet were going to burn off…. literally Linda!  People walk up and down the beaches trying to sell you stuff kind of like Mexico but they sit and talk with you and are so nice.  While I was laying out some kids came up to us and I couldn’t help but wonder why they weren’t in school.  I asked them to go get their mom and asked them some questions.   Here is what I learned…. 


So that’s the lesson, isn’t it?  When you set out in the world to help yourself, sometimes you end up helping…Tutti.

– Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love 


These children were unfortunately working the beaches in 95′ heat because they can’t afford school. Which for them is merely $200/yr roughly $17/month and it broke my heart. Small things go a long way in Bali so if you’re looking to help and do more in the world check out



bali indonesia travel blogger city guide


There are so many beautiful temples and family temples in Bali.  Everyone including places of business sit out “offerings” every day for good Karma and to say thank you and receive many blessings.

To be in Bali and see how thankful these people are really gives you a greater appreciation for life no matter what your situation is.  I left Bali feeling enlightened and so peaceful.

I had a moment in Bali and I fell in love with it.  I don’t know how to explain it… you just feel amazing and centered and peaceful while you’re there.  It is truly a life changing experience and I am so blessed and thankful that I got to go meet the people in Bali and learn so much while I was there!  I can’t wait to go back!  If you ever have the chance to go… take me with you!

If you’ve ever been… come reminisce with me over on our insta @VerbalGoldBlo

bali indonesia travel blogger city guide

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