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8 Awesome Reasons To Visit Cuba


Cuba is a Caribbean island, a complex country with a robust culture, wonderfully preserved history and rich musicality. You can expect more surprises from this indefinable magical place with its inviting white sand beaches and happy-go-lucky people. Cuba is a must-see travel destination with over a hundred reasons to visit. However, I’ve chosen top 8 reasons why you need to visit Cuba.

1. Rich Historical Heritage

Cuba is bursting with nine UNESCO World Heritage sites waiting to be explored. Visit the remarkable historical sites of the old Havana with its interesting architecture and private restaurants. San Pedro de la Roca Castle in Santiago de Cuba is a visually stunning well-preserved fort that protected the port of Santiago. To spark your interest more, take a glimpse of the monument of the renowned revolutionist Ernesto Che Guevara in Santa Clara where his remains are found in a mausoleum underneath his statue.

2. Miles of White Sand Beaches

cuba beach

Cuba Beach Image Credit

You are sure to find your slice of paradise in Cuba’s immaculate white sands and gloriously warm Caribbean waters. Once you set foot on the inviting tropical shores and breathtaking ocean views, you’ll surely don’t want to leave. Choose among the 300 beaches that stretch across the Northern Atlantic Ocean and its Southern Caribbean Coastline. There is a beach for everyone in Cuba from family friendly to local hangout. Check out the best Cuba beaches.

3. The Small Towns

Baracoa cuba old town

Baracoa cuba old town (Image credit)

Cuba is bursting with scenic and charming villages and small towns. Among the most visited towns are Baracoa and Trinidad. Baracoa is Cuba’s oldest town and known for its sweet delicacies such as pineapple-coconut candies and their chocolate factories. The village is surrounded by fantastic waterfalls and black sand beaches where you can have numerous adventures. Trinidad is listed among the UNESCO world heritage site that features historic colonial architectures in pastel hues and fascinating museums.

4. Serenading Music

Cuba’s musical talent is legendary. The magical island has been very influential in the development of various musical styles in Latin music. Enjoy listening to the serenading music of jazz players and watching graceful salsa dancers in music clubs. Street musicians play musical instruments that will entice your soul to move your feet with every beat. You will hear a musical entourage everywhere you go at any time of the day.

5. Museum of old cars

Museum of old cars cuba

Museum of old cars (Image credit)

When you visit Cuba, you will have a classical feel of the 40’s to 50’s. The streets of Cuba are filled with living museums of old classic cars. It’s amazing to experience a sensation of time travel with the unique ingenuity of well-preserved old American cars. Since 1962, USA and Cuba had a trade embargo that made it difficult for Cubans to acquire new cars. As a result, Cubans were forced to use their creativity to rebuild everything from classic Fords to Chevrolets.

6. Travel-friendly weather

Enjoy the tropical climate with temperate weather all year round in Cuba. You will have fewer worries when traveling to the beaches during the dry season from December to April. Summer is the most festive time to enjoy the carnivals and festivals across the island. Enjoy touring the island during the coolest months with temperatures ranging from 18C to 25C. Occasional hurricanes may happen from July to November although Cuba won’t disappoint you when you visit.

7. Unique architecture

Cuba’s architecture sometimes mirrors its ethnic heritage. Amazing Spanish colonial architecture and Greek to Roman-inspired structures awaits you at every corner. It feels like traveling through time gazing at the weathered old buildings making it a paradise for photographers. Cuba’s eclectic styles and architectural diversity surely won’t disappoint your stay.

8. Impressive cave connections

An impressive 45km cave system in Cuba can be found in Caverna de Santo Tomas. It makes it the biggest cave system in the island. You can tour through 90minutes of fun and adventure on a 1-kilometer cave. You can also snorkel among the stalactites and stalagmites in an underground pool in Saturno Cave. The best part is, it is not yet crowded with visiting tourists making it desirable to discover more its serene beauty.