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5 Best Activities to Do In New Zealand

The top New Zealand activities! In this post, we share the best five-miss things to do in New Zealand if you love adventures!

New Zealand is a spellbinding country offering attractions for visitors of all types. Whether you’re a nature lover or a fan of cultural history, it’ll be easy to find something that piques your interest.

If you’re looking for recommendations for your next trip to New Zealand, consider some of the top activities listed below.

1. Trek a Volcano

New Zealand’s youngest volcano, Rangitoto Island, erupted from the sea 600 years ago, offering a new habitat for native wildlife to thrive. Today, the island is a reserve offering an ideal spot for spending time outdoors.

You can travel to the island on a public passenger ferry or charter boat. Experienced kayakers can also take the two-hour trip from Auckland’s North Shore to Rangitoto Wharf. Make sure to bring water and snacks when you go, as there are no shops located on the island.

2. Visit a Landmark

An attraction on the quirkier side, the Cardona Bra Fence is a famous spot that mysteriously sprang up overnight in 1999, when four bras appeared on a fence along Cardona Valley Road.

While this attraction was first a surprise to residents, passersby soon starting adding their own bras, turning the fence into a new, if unusual, tradition.

As a bonus, the route to see the Bra Fence offers several lookout points with gorgeous views and idyllic photo-ops.

3. Enjoy the Hot Water

Hot Water Beach offers an experience like no other, with a small pool containing thermal water bubbling just below the surface of the sand.

At high tide, the beach appears much like any other. Ss low tide approaches, though, the scene begins to change drastically — including the appearance of a small pool with temperatures up to 64 degrees Celsius (about 147 degrees Fahrenheit).

4. Ride a Famous Swing

Located in Queenstown, the Nevis Swing is one of the best New Zealand activities for adrenaline junkies seeking their next fix. The most famous swing in the world, you get to decide whether you fly through the air forward, backward, upside down or even with a partner.

With a swing that sends you along a swooping 300-meter arc, this is an experience you won’t soon forget. Buses to the swing depart Queenstown daily from multiple stops.

5. Learn About Maori Culture

If you’re a history buff, consider learning about the indigenous Maori people, said to have arrived in New Zealand from their mythical homeland of Hawaiki more than 1,000 years ago. Today, the Maori make up 14 percent of the country’s population.

Get in tune with the Maori by spending the night in a marae, a communal and sacred meeting place serving both spiritual and social needs. You can also visit Te Papa, which is an interactive museum focused on the unique art, culture and history of the Maori.

Planning Your Next Trip

New Zealand is an exciting destination that will leave you begging to return again and again. Whether you’re looking to have an action-packed adventure or a slow and leisurely vacation, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this fantastic destination.