1. Thou shalt treat her like a lady

2. Thou shalt make pleasant conversation

3. Thou shalt compliment her

4. Thou shalt not be late

5. Thou shalt have a plan for the evening

6. Thou shalt have a reservation

7. Thou shalt order for her

8. Thou shalt open every door (front door, car door, restaurant door… repeat)

9. Thou shalt pick her up for the evening ( be it cab or your own car)

Most importantly,

10. a gentleman will always pick up the check discreetly

(this one is so important! It’s so tacky to wave around a check, show her the bill, talk about the bill, do the math in your head with the check wide open, or ask her to split it. Rude. The classiest thing to do is put your card in the check wallet immediately, maybe take a glance if you have to, then close it and thank her for going out with you. This would be the best time to ask her out for a second date!)

How to Ask her out:

Be direct yet not overbearing. Approach a woman like you would a wild animal; with caution and intrigue. A woman wants to know you are interested just as much as you want to know she is interested in you. A lady is waiting for you to make the first move; if you are interested make it. The key to asking her out is first you have to get the phone number. Once you have that half the battle is done. Now, you have the phone number sir, what are you going to do with it? Call, f-ing call her. Why ask if you don’t intend on using it? That’s like buying a bag of broccoli you never intend on cooking… just buy the chips already, we know that’s what you want. (But I digress).

What I mean by calling the girl is going to be a little shocking to some… use the phone. Dial the digits, no text. Call her it will be short, trust me no one wants to use all the good conversation up over the phone pre-first date. She’s going to say yes, because you acted like gentleman asked for her number and call her. You sir are already ahead in the game of life.

Cut to-the date… Now, what do you do? Take her to dinner and drinks, duh. That’s all we want. Pick us up, tell us we look nice, and then take us out for a nice meal. How simple right? Aren’t you glad I told you this? Your mom must have been sick during that week you were trying to court your first girlfriend or I’m sure she would have told you this herself.

During the date conversation should be recaps of all the important things, where did you grow up, how many siblings do you have, what do you do for a living Etc… Nothing crazy. Talk about the table next to you if you are stumped for conversation.

And voila! Complete these 10 commandments and I assure you, sir, you’ll be moving onto date 2 and relationship station. haha

Happy dating!

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