How to stay safe cycling on the road


Road cycling is a great way to get around, whether it’s for business or leisure. Ditching your car to make your daily commute or trip across town on two wheels is a brilliant way to keep fit as well as being much more environmentally and economically friendly. Although cycling on…

7-Day Detox – Pressing the Reset Button


    In the fall, everything seems to catch up with me from what I’ve been eating and drinking during the summer, and then moving into patio and football/sports season. So much wine, guac, nachos, lattes, you name it. I’m doing a bootcamp at CorePower during the next two weeks…

Gearing up for GameDay!


As you all know football is here and the men in your life couldn’t be more excited!  Growing up watching and playing sports and then attending The University of Alabama, I’m also a huge football fan!  Just something about the crowd, the experience, GameDay, and being a part of the…