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The VGB fam couldn’t be more excited to “go global” as they say. We are adding two Brits to our #GoldenGirl dream team! And while we haven’t personally visited London yet we are excited to learn more about England + Europe through Asha and Samanta! Please please give them a warm welcome and feel free to ask away! You can see below that they are quite the travelers (and I’m oh so jealous right now). Let us know if there is anything you want to know about living in England, traveling to Europe, or just London in general!  
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Hey everybody! We’re Asha (brunette in the photos!) and
Samantha (blonde in the photos) and we are SO excited to be getting involved
with Verbal Gold Blog. We’re both just starting our last year at the University
of Manchester in England after spending a year living and studying stateside
(Asha in Minnesota and Sam in North Carolina). We both study International
Business (sounds a lot scarier than it actually is) and live together in
Manchester- we really can’t wait to show off where we’re from on the blog and
give you guys some top travel tips for when you visit!



We obviously LOVE travelling, and
have just spent 6 weeks touring America. We have loved every single minute of
our time here and love it nearly as much as we love England! To give you a
little more info on who we are we decided to tear ourselves
apart from each other for five gruelling minutes (which was traumatic to say in
the least) and write a little bit about ourselves so you can get to know us a
I was born in Leicester, which is
a small city slap bang in the centre of England (about an hour and a half away
from London, and a few hours away from Manchester) and I live with my mum, dad
and not so little brother (at 6’2 he kinda towers over me).  I would say I am a
girlie girl but I’m not afraid to get down with more boisterous activities (seeVerbal Gold Blogger Claire Loudermilch’s guide to Charlotte!).  I’m pretty
well travelled and I try to get away as much as I can, especially to other
places in Europe as they are quite close to England (lucky me!), and I love
spending time in different cities in England too. I LOVE good food and dining
out (aka spending money), shopping is another guilty pleasure and I love
fashion and clothes. I strongly stand by the statement that Netflix is a girls
best friend (I may or may not have just made that statement up) and I watch a
mix of both American and English shows; my favourites being Gossip Girl (old
but gold), the inbetweeners, outnumbered, girls, Dexter and surprisingly the US
version of the office #MichaelScottForPresident.  I am so excited to get to you
know you guys more!!
Hey! So I’m from Liverpool (yes, the place where the Beatles are from) and I love my hometown! I love going out both in Liverpool and Manchester and finding the best places to eat/drink.
I spend a lot of time travelling and when I’m not jetting off somewhere I’m planning my next trip (currently touring the states whilst simultaneously planning touring Europe in winter).  I have so many favourite places in the world and can not wait to see more of it! 
After having a language barrier- due to my strong accent this year (my names Som to most).  I can’t wait for you to get to know me, and to share my experiences with you which are often very crazy + random!

You can find us on instagram @samanthaoswald + @ashakeane and of course @VerbalGoldBlog