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Weight Loss Transformation. It’s about that time.

Today marks a milestone for me and I decided to share my story.
I’m not one for getting personal but with so many requests I decided that if my story in any way can help someone else it’s worth sharing.  No matter how bad my before picture is. wink wink.

Well hello Heffa….
is what I used to say to myself when I looked in the mirror.
I know I know I’m a mean girl.
Miss Judgey McJudgerson here, How can I help you? I can’t. Because I’m negative and that won’t get you anywhere in life!

So chin up doll face and let’s get started.
First. You are beautiful!
Embrace it!
Now granted I was on crutches and injured, I stopped eating healthy all together
*excuses excuses excuses*
and completely gave up because I was angry I couldn’t exercise anymore
and look what happened
helloooo Heffa….

(notice what I did there with the fonts) hehehe
Well after getting off crutches and being cleared to work out again
I slowly tried to get back into it
although I was a little scared and started slowly
once I got my confidence back
all I was able to do was the elliptical machine
so that’s what I did
everyday (5x/week)
for an hour
at interval speeds
listening to my sweet jams (which I will gladly share with you…if you like rap and EDM)
and honestly I knew I was loosing weight but I never realized how bad I looked before until
this guy…. (we’ll talk about him later)
made such a big deal about how great I looked
and asked me to show him a before and after pic.
I thought about it and was like wait, why have I not done a before and after
that’s what you have here!


It’s been a little over 2 months now and although the weight came FLYING off it has slowed down now.  I have maintained my weight loss even after eating a little more food and working out a little less
and I am very very happy!
I’m happy in general!  With the results, with my mood, and life!
Loving my new lifestyle!
My goal was never to be super skinny or model thin… but I do want to look healthy and FIT!
and I’m not done yet… I’m just getting started!
If you have any pointers please please please feel free to share!
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I’d love to support you!


My simple tips:
*Don’t drink your calories. Yes this means water only!  You can drink alcohol occasionally but no binge drinking!  Choose alcohol like vodka/water, bacardi/diet, a shot, or 55 cal beer.  Try to limit your mixers.  Even skinny girl has a 100 cal wine out!
*No fast food.  I mean why?  Why do it?  Just why?
*You can splurge once a week! Save your calories for when it counts and ENJOY your treats!
*Don’t sneak calories or food.  Just because someone doesn’t see you eat it doesn’t mean it won’t turn into fat! You’re only hurting yourself.
*Keep track of everything! Even your bad days!!!
*Don’t go more than two days without working out.  Make it a habit.


Here is some motivation for you doll face!


haha I snuck this one in here for some haha’s