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We had a lot of fun this weekend playing with Instavideo

I’m so glad the weather was nice and we got to lay out!
Gettin’ my tan on! 

Puppy love at the pool!
I went home and ATTEMPTED to do some yard work.
Bad news is we couldn’t figure out how to start the blower…. 
Ady 0 Front Yard 1
epic fail

Grown up but not
If you answered 3 you’re wrong…. it would probably take more since we didn’t figure it out.
So I went out for the night with some old friends from high school and some new friends to the 
and it was an….
Since it’s so famous everywhere I’d love to know what y’all have heard about it? 
Check that one off the bucket list.

I had a nice little Sunday Funday and then went home and cleaned the house and organized my ring collection.
It’s fish bowl rocks in a bowl.  That way you can see all your rings face up! You can also use coffee beans but I liked the pink! Obvi.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day week!!!!!!

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