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Now that I’m taken and finally on the other side of the table it was finally my turn to… you know, play matchmaker.  We got to Tinder for a friend this past weekend at a Bachelorette party and needless to say I was thrilled! The bride and I had so much fun “matching” our friend up on a Tinder date(s)!  So much so I had to bring back this post from 2014 when it was done to me. You’re. Welcome.    

Lesson 2: Don’t DRUNK TINDER.

So since THIS happened, my girl friends and I use TINDER for mere entertainment and it ALWAYS does the job.
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Unfortunately when you hand the reigns over to a “trusty” friend and “Ghost Tinder” …BE WARNED that things like this will happen…. especially after drinking copious amounts of alcohol… it becomes a game.

By the way… I am in no way trying to make fun of these guys… I’m really a nice girl… but let’s just say these aren’t my “ideal matches”….



My friend was so funny (I couldn’t get mad) … every time she got a match she would get so excited! hahaahaha So she kept trying to get as many matches as possible… and that lead to this…. and 70 plus “matches” in 10 minutes…. and a lot of work for me to block the next day… sorry guys. #sorrynotsorry


Once she figured out that these were real people and you could actually have conversations with them…  it took it to a whole n’other level… and a whole lotta trouble…. and so this happened….

tinder conversations    tinder conversations

tinder conversations

All and all…..
I’ve.   Never.   Laughed.   So Hard.    In My Entire Life!
There’s some free entertainment for ya folks … oh and lesson… DON’T DRUNK TINDER!

Please please… I know I’m not the only one… share your Tinder Binder stories with me below or #TinderBinder on twitter or send them in and I’ll post em up on the bloggy blog here! 🙂

*Props to my girl Beth Fitz for the amazing Tinder Binder title name!

Catch up on all our bad Tinder Binders here!

And if you’re a guy reading this, do yourself a favor and read our post on how to ask a lady out these days! I promise you’ll get a lot farther than you would with the above pick up lines. Click here


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