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Let’s get social!

After receiving constant requests from bloggers and businesses asking for me to manage their social media or consult with them on how to grow their fanbase and customers,  I launched a new segment of my business and now provide social media marketing consulting services.  Since then, I’ve witnessed my new clients’ social media presence grow and experience positive impacts, generating more sales and revenues.  I’m so very happy for the support and seeing my friends’ businesses grow! I have a strong entrepreneur spirit and love it when small businesses and boss babes succeed!  Let me help you win!

How it works:

We have a simple tried and true engagement strategy that works! We manage your account 24/7 and focus on the social media grind so that you can concentrate on key aspects of your business. My goal is to help you significantly grow real engaged followers that turn into customers!  With my methods, I will increase your engagement, followers, impressions, reach, profile views, and clicks on your social media platform. These actions will result in new sales,  generating more profit.

it’s a business, not a popularity contest

Remember, it’s a business, not a popularity contest.  The mission of social media is to connect and grow with your community, attracting new clients and generating interest in your products and services.  You can’t achieve that if you’re worried about how many followings you have or why you’re seeing new people in your feed. Trust the process.

We provide a monthly wrap-up report with your results by request.

Things I will do:

-Audit your current social media channels

-Provide quick tips you can implement on your social media channels immediately

-Provide analytics showing the growth in a number of categories like reach, impressions, clicks, profile visits, and followers.

Things I won’t do:

-Buy followers

-Write fake reviews

-Guarantee a certain number of followers per month

What I will need from you:

  1. Just fill out the contact form below because I will need:
    1. Your login information.
    2. A list of targeted keywords, competitors or similar accounts, and if there are specific locations (i.e. US, Nationwide, Atlanta)
  2. Keep posting. Staying consistent on instagram is key to beating the algorithm!
  3. If you want a wrap-up report every month with more in-depth analytics please make sure your profile is a business account. (Don’t worry I can help you set this up)

The proof is in the pudding:

Aside from my own @VerbalGoldBlog instagram account, personal @adyrol instagram account, and my dogs @VGBdogs instagram, I have also successfully improved a number of other brands on their social media channels. Most clients have experienced an increase of 300% or more in their first month!  See more examples of my work here?

Download My Full Client Deck Here

Social Gold Instagram success

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social media mangement instagold socialgold social media mangement instagold socialgold

Don’t worry! I’ll be right beside you on your journey to success guiding you and answering any questions you may have! Need advice on how to improve your social media profiles, I’m available to help you!  Don’t hesitate to reach out!


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