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Pucker Up! It’s Love Your Lip…Injectable Month

Marietta Plastic Surgery is celebrating February in the most amazing way.  They’ve teamed up with Jezebel to give you a special deal!  February is Love Your Lips Month at MPS!  
$50 off each syringe of Lip Filler!  Only $450!  
Your pick – Juvederm or Restylane Silk (it’s new and being marketing towards lips for a softer look)
*Purchase by Feb 28th  and use by March 31st 
They have two locations so it’s super convenient.  So guess what – I went. Obvi.  I went to Dr.McNeel and he was great!  He used a different technique that although has more pricks makes for a smoother look and feel.

I got some pretty icky numbing creme which really helps with the pain.  And to cure a fear of needles and being a tinsey winsey bit nervous he let me hold a boob aka a stress ball.  


                          Before                                           After

Dr. McNeel even put the extra Restylane Silk from the syringe in my RBF (everyone has a resting bitch face) lines (read frown lines) so now I look more approachable and “friendly”.  I guess now I’ll just have to rely on my GTFO sunglasses instead of my RBF.
The process takes about 30 minutes and is relatively relaxing since you’re laying down.  My before and after is above.  Although they are still a bit swollen they will go down to perfection soon!  Hello Kylie Jenner!


Check out MPS on Instagram // Twitter // Facebook //Website + Remember you have until the end of the month to scoop up their love your lips deal!  Pucker up!  I know I did and I love it!  Can’t wait to have these bad boys for another 6-9 months.  


 *all opinions are my own 
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