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Gossip Girl: Prada Marfa, Valentine, Texas

Do y’all remember The Prada Marfa sign in Gossip Girl?  Who doesn’t! I was obsessed!

Well, now you know where that arrow was pointing.

I’m ordering this sign right now and I need your help.  Should I get the LARGE canvas, LARGE print and frame it myself or get the LARGE painted glossy finish on stretched canvas?

I’m in awe of Prada Marfa, an amazing permanent installation by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, who refer to the work as a “pop architectural land art project.”

The structure was constructed in October, 2005 at a cost of $80k and is located just outside of Valentine, Texas, about 60 km from the city of Marfa, Texas. On the front of the structure is a single non-functioning door and two large windows displaying actual Prada shoes and handbags, picked out and provided by Miuccia Prada herself from the fall / winter 2005 collection.
Apparently the sculpture was intended to never be repaired so it might slowly degrade back into the natural landscape. This plan was deviated from when, three days after the sculpture was completed, vandals criticized the work by writing “Dumb” and “Dum Dum” in graffiti on the exterior and broke into the building stealing all six handbags and 14 right footed shoes. Prada Marfa was quickly restored and restocked, this time with Prada purses without bottoms along with a security system that alerts authorities if the bags are moved.

 Photo © karlboonzaayer

I’m so obsessed with this landmark I made my own version… which I am sharing with you!

You can purchase here for only $5.00

I just happen to really really love pink but you can choose any color you want!
Color combo’s available upon request.

I already have mine framed next to a HERMES print and up on my wall!!!! 

You can order this piece in any size and it really makes a statement!

xoxo Gossip Girl