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Oh what a weekend… oh what a night…

Motivational Monday and Weekend Recap:
So I realized a few things this weekend after having an AH HAH moment.
This applies to your career, fitness, and relationships. 
and you can’t do it alone.

Now onto my weekend… which looked a little something like this….
It started with a crawfish festival with my favorite things!  

For those of you that have never eaten crawfish… they look a little something like this.

Well really this…

and crawfish boils are sooooo good!!

There was Birthday Ice Cream Cupcakes from Cold Stone!


*the most random award going to Chelsea*


*one of my favorites…because it has glitter!*

and some great e’cards!

And a little out of the ordinary tarot card reading… which surprisingly went REALLY WELL!

Even Hart was into it…

or maybe she just likes the wine…
just like her mama!
Sat started with a yummy smoothie…. 
and a little shopping…
yep… I just bought this dress! Can’t wait to wear it!
I also want to buy these so bad but I can’t decide what color… a little help please!
*they also come in nude*

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spiked Pointed-Toe Red Sole Pump

And ended with a TON OF FUN with my girls!

and of course a little dancing…
I had a nice little Sunday dinner…
and a relaxing evening with one thing that makes me very happy!

Too much?

I also got to do this hilarious “photo shoot” for a work event.

*for you fashion bloggers out there… I don’t know how you do it*

because I felt so stupid and could not stop laughing… 

take 6 or 7 haha

after finally getting 1 decent shot I could use for my flyer I called it quits 
The finished product 
 location is blurred out but I think it looks great! 
Thanks Shavonn for putting it all together for me!

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!!!