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Memorial Day Essentials

With Memorial Day Weekend just around the corner, it’s time to start shopping for summer (ready or not). Hah as if you haven’t already started… To celebrate warmer weather, we’re featuring some fav swimsuits and our favorite place to get the best deal! Enter The Swim Outlet!


No reason to be bummed out about buying a new bikini because with price match guarantee plus their already low prices you know you’re getting a great deal!  The swim trunks I got for my boyfriend are below and he loves them!  They are comfy and dry out so fast.  On top of that I got a great deal at over half off the original price.


It’s not just swim suits either.  They have stuff for women, children, juniors, plus size, men, plus beach accessories like towels, chairs, and floats!  Gimmie gimmay more gimmie more give me give me more!



Check back soon for our top 5 must have pool floats of summer!  The ultimate accessory!
xoxo Ady