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I have some questions for those of you that live in the COUNTRY!!!

So this past weekend I was road trippin’ to Florida for work and ended up taking a wrong turn… I had to travel on some Southern Georgia back roads for awhile before I made it back to the interstate and ended up passing a lot of farm land, desolate areas, with few scattered houses here and there.  It reminds you of the stories your grandparents used to tell you that started with, “I had to walk 5 miles… in the snow…. with no shoes…”  As the radio jammed to all the country songs like Mayberry and Dirt Road Anthem, my brain started to wonder.  I was flooded with questions… so if you know the answer to any of these feel free to jump in.  And don’t judge me… I apologize in advance for my ignorance but I’m just so curious!

 I found some civilization 15 miles down the road so I know it exist!!  Clearly everyone has a truck.

What type of job do you have?
How much money do you make a year?
How do you get gas?  And how far do you have to travel to get gas? Do you stock up?
How do you get mail? 
Do you have cable? Internet? A cell phone? A smart phone? 
If so do you have Facebook, twitter, instagram?  Are you on farmers only? 
How do you give directions to your house?  
Where do you get your groceries and how often do you have to go?  
What do you do for fun?
What are the pros and cons of living in the country?
Are those big cylinders used for water?
What happens when people get lost because there is no service?
How old are you?  How old are your neighbors?
Where are the schools?  

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